SCANDAL on Tuesday night’s (23 Oct) RADIO DRAGON’s 「Doors」programme aka “SCANOMICS”! Tonight is Christmas Eve-Eve, and the girls are in extremely good spirits! With a Christmas tree and cake in the studio, the band kicks off tonight with an apt tune, “Winter story”! Returning, Haruna discusses about them having received plenty of SOBOKU questions in last week’s show; Thus today, they decide to hold a SOBOKU SPECIAL to answer all these questions!

  • It’ll soon be the New Year! Are SCANDAL the sort of jump (when a New Year arrives)? Or the sort to sit properly?: Haruna says she’s the type that wants to but forgets every single year. They take votes and Mami and Tomomi end up being the ones that will do (the jumping), while Rina does not. Mami says that moment is like when you just disappear for a bit, although the rest of the members laugh, going, “You’re still here!" Haruna says she shall jump this year then, but Rina says she’s lying for sure.

  • Speaking of Christmas, would it be the colours Green or Red?: SCANDAL laughs and say no matter which is it, they’re both Christmas-y

  • Which uniform do you prefer, the sailor uniform or blazer uniform?: Both of them are cute and it seems all members of SCANDAL have worn both before during their school days. Tomomi says she prefers the sailor ones; In the past, she thought the blazer type was fashionable (Rina notes it is easier to put on too) but the sailor type feels more special. It seems the members like both after all.

  • In your onigiri (rice ball), do you prefer seawood with added flavours? Or the regular seaweed?: (The girls are getting really high as they enjoy all the interesting pen-names of the senders) Most of the members, except for Haruna who says she eats both, prefer the flavoured seaweed. Haruna’s bentos would always been the regular, non-flavoured seaweed but when it comes to hand-held riceballs, she doesn’t mind the flavoured ones.

  • For omurice (omelette rice), do you prefer ketchup or demi-glace sauce?: Mami, Tomomi and Haruna instantly go for ketchup, while Rina is troubled over both choices. She ultimately goes for demi-glace, although if she’s to make it at home, it’ll likely be ketchup.

  • For egg with rice, do you mix the rice with the egg? Or have the egg over the rice?: Both Haruna and Rina go for the rice mixed with egg. Tomomi prefers to have it just over the rice, because she doesn’t like it when it’s all overly mixed together. Unfortunately for Mami, she will not eat it in such a combination so it’s just too bad. Rina says it’s delicious though.

  • For gyoza (dumplings), do you prefer pan-fried gyoza or soup gyoza?: All the members love and prefer the fried gyoza.

  • For movies, do you prefer the dubbed version? Or subbed version?: This is the very final question. Rina acknowledges that it’s a great last question, as all the members give their vote to subbed versions of movies, where you can hear their actual voices. Of course, the dubbed version has its merits too. Rina notes that especially for comedies, dubbed versions seem better. Haruna does watch both kinds though.

There’s been a whole lot of SOBOKU questions answered, and it’s here where SCANDAL realises all the senders are young in their teen years, between 15 to 19 years old. All the selected senders today will also receive a present from the programme. After “Oyasumi" plays, SCANDAL does the usual promos. It’s only another week till the end of year but meanwhile, may everyone have an enjoyable Christmas. Goodbye~!

Video upload w/ credits to solfaman @ YT, translations by fyscandalband. Back with SCANOMICS starting this week! SCANDAL has had a lot of radio broadcasts the past few weeks. Will see what’s interesting and I’ll do my best to translate! Apologies for the wait! / For more SCANOMICS translations, they can be found HERE.

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Anonymous said:   Merry Xmas and thanks for answering all of those questions.   I’m afraid though this fandom is becoming like those batshit crazy Twilight fangirls.   If you like Scandal and don’t believe the conspiracy theories you get your head bitten off and ganged up on.   I’ve seen it happen.   What happened to open discourse?   Such a shame.