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scandalbayoubeauty asked:

So what message was she conveying to him when, after frantically searching for and finding the ring, she deliberately shows him she isn't wearing it???

The scene above did not come after Olivia found the ring. The editing made it look that way, but it did not. If you note what Olivia is wearing, this scene happened the same day she yelled about not giving up until she’d tried everything. The dream/nightmare, flashback to Vermont, and the ensuing panic to find the Doux Bebe life-saver came after the Oval scene. The question is why did the editors choose to place that scene after Olivia recovers the ring. 

That scene was full of chess moves by both Olivia and Fitz, except no one won. Olivia enters and pauses, likely expecting Fitz to broach personal matters. When instead he offers a simple, “Liv,” which is an acknowledgment of her presence and an invitation to state her business, she decides to play it formally. But she goes out of her way to make sure he sees that she is not wearing it. She’s still not ready to talk to him, but is unwilling to be the one to extend the olive branch, though it is her responsibility. This woman is so used to him being the one to cave first. Even with Defiance, he called her (216) and then apologized to her at the hospital (219) for the way he treated her when he was angry, then went to her apartment (220) to show her just how much she means to him. Olivia loves Fitz’s attention, but she is never going to request it. That’s not who she is, but she still craves it. Did you notice her repeatedly checking her phone in 415? Who’s call do you think she was checking for? Right. Bravo to Fitz for giving her space, even as he tries to make sure she’s secure. The ball is in her court. Putting the ring back on is her version of an olive branch.  

For the purpose of the narrative, placing the Oval scene after the audience has come to note the significance of DB makes the ending more dramatic and deliberate. Olivia didn’t put the ring on when she was gladiating in white for Cyrus. She chose the wedding because of the significance. After all, she received the ring at a wedding. 


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All info from SCANDAL’s official website HERE. To look back on previous ‘Band Yarou Yo!!’ happenings, the tag is HERE.

anonymous asked:

Katrina, I am puzzled about something! In S1, E1, Olivia slaps the crap out of Fitz when she finds out he lied about sleeping with AT. She had left WH some months before & comes back to handle a problem for a client, right? Yet, when she finds out the truth, she gets upset with Fitz the man, not the client. Why? if she is a single woman free to have relationships with anyone, shouldn't she expect the same from him? Why get upset with Fitz? But, Fitz has no claim over her fidelity? Thoughts?

1. When “Sweet Baby” aired, Fitz was about 1.5 years into his presidency. So Olivia had left well over a year ago, and Cy’s wedding had happened months after she left. Whether or not they saw each other between the wedding and the visit to Camp David in 101, we are unclear. There’s plenty of story to tell in that regard.

2. Fitz is a married man, not a single man. Plus, he’s not a poon-chasing dog like his daddy. His relationship with Olivia was never about sex.

3. Listen to the words Olivia used after she slapped Fitz. Her anger wasn’t about the sex, it was the lie and the breach of trust. She compromised herself because she still loves him and wanted to believe him. She never left his side, remember? Secondly, the concern over the dog and reference to Sweet Baby indicated she feared he actually cared about the girl, or led her to believe he did. That, she could not abide.


Today (1st Apr), the full music video for “Music Train~Haru no Majujitsu~" has been unveiled! In this campaign titled, "ACCESS!”, SCANDAL’s HARUNA teams up with 7 other known singers and artists to perform the song.

The full MV can be viewed at the ACCESS! campaign site HERE, but will require a Yahoo! Japan ID. Using the Yahoo! Japan ID, you will then need to register for a T-SITE (TSUTAYA site) ID, before you may view the contents. Instructions to register are provied at the campaign site (in Japanese only).

On 15th April, via the same site, the drama only ver. of the MV, as well as the making-of movie will be unveiled.

For more info on this collaboration, it’s previously been posted HERE.