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I know it’s in plain ugly english but…I really always wanted to do something like this.

I’ve voice acted in a few flash games and an animation here and there but I rarely get to do something that truly touches me.

I hope you all enjoy my performance and my boyfriend’s as well <3 He was hesitant to do it at first but thankfully he came through for me c’=

anonymous said:

Since you're Japanese can you explain the difference between daisuki and aishiteru? Sakura used daisuki to confess to Sasuke but is it romantic?

Well, what i know Daisuki is commonly used during a confession with a person you’re not in a relationship with, but like romantically or just like a lot, what people don’t understand is Daisuki is commonly used in Animes to express affection romantically, most if not all confessions which happen in animes use “Daisuki”, Aishiteru is hardly ever used, however when used it is mostly when you’re in a strong committed relationship with the person etc married couples or long term relationship (Even a sibling relationship), example being Itachi using aishiteru when telling Sasuke he loved him during the Kabuto vs Itachi/Sasuke fight, 

So yes according to her words she did confess romantically, and honestly being Japanese or not you should know by now that she loves Sasuke there’s no way around it 

Hope this helps with your confusion 

lightprincessiris said:

Sakura vs Hinata and Gaara vs Sasuke I hope you don't mind I asked 2 fights >.<

Sasusaku wins.


Current Sasuke would win of course.

EMS Sasuke has amaterasu and the blaze release allowing him to control the flames. He also has an imperfect susanoo, a snake and a hawk summoning.

It would be tough for Gaara to defend against the summonings, sasuke’s fire, lightning, his amaterasu flames, his amaterasu flames combined with a susanoo arrow or sword, his susanoo’s assaults all the while trying to avoid a genjutsu from sasuke.


This is a controversial match up and many people think that Hinata would win. I disagree. Just because Hinata can block chakra and Sakura uses chakra doesn’t mean that she would win. Also people act like if Sakura is the only ninja that uses chakra lol! THEY ALL DO. 

Sakura is smarter than Hinata, she is also faster with the ability to use chakra to create bursts of speed. Not to mention Sakura is skilled in evasion and reading attack patterns. Sakura knows how a hyuuga fights and she has even seen hinata and neji fight before. She is extremely smart and even if she weren’t she wouldn’t take on a hyuuga at a close range and she wouldn’t give them that chance to block her chakra.

Sakura’s strength:

Sakura just needs to summon katsuyu and punch the ground. Look at the juubi clones in red.


Now look at Hinata’s size compared to one of those clones


She would be caught in that explosion and tossed up in the air and it is debateable if her air palm can pierce through that. Sakura doesn’t even need to be near her. Also Hinata needs proper footing which sakura would destroy. Sakura can easily increase the distance while shaking the ground and hinata. Hinata would only win if she blocks her chakra points early on. 

Sakura also knows that hinata is best at close range and is a hyuga so she would not even want to get close to her and would try to clear a significant distance and stop hinata from the start. She isn’t even going near hinata. 

Unless hinata is close, which sakura would not allow, she can’t do much. Granted an air palm is her only long distance attack, it is linear in nature and with sakura’s evasive skills and knowledge of reading a person’s moves she can dodge that. Not to mention the explosion created from the punch that would block out an air palm or force hinata to save herself rather than attack. Being an hyuuga and taijutsu expert isn’t helping her stop sakura’s explosion, her slug and it isn’t allowing her to actually reach her.


Katsuyu is overkill and is connected to the seal. So even if hinata blocks sakura’s chakra, if sakura summons katsuyu first she would just have to sit there and wait for hinata to run out of chakra and energy while dodging the acid. Given sakura’s reserves in that seal Hinata would be dealing with that slug, that can split into thousands, for a while. Even a byakugan cannot counter thousands of human sized slugs with acid spraying capabilities coming from all directions.

Katsuyu can even divide into thousands of slugs and attack hinata. Acid, their weight and even messing up ‘healing’ hinata can make Katsuyu deadly.

Instead of carefully using enough chakra, sakura and the slug can overload hinata and send her into a coma with their medical chakra and remote healing. 


Based on portrayal Sakura would be considered stronger. Sakura is using sannin and kage level techniques flawlessly and she is one of the strongest medical ninja and kunoichi in the world. Hinata is great but her reputation and skills aren’t as impressive. She is catching up to neji while sakura is surpassing tsunade.

Other skills:

As i said before Sakura is smarter and faster than hinata. She also knows how hinata fights while hinata doesn’t know everything about sakura.

In a real serious fight, based on sakura’s intelligence and skills she should logically stop hinata from coming close and she should win the battle. If i were sakura i would play it safe with the dangerous chakra blocking hyuuga summon the slug and punch the ground as soon as possible.  Sakura knows how to counter and avoid a hyuuga but Hinata doesn’t know how to counter these.



There are many ways Sakura can beat Hinata in a fight with Hinata beating sakura only if they are close, there’s no slug, she blocks sakura’s chakra before she does anything. Sakura need only stop or punch the ground. 

I like Hinata I just don’t think she can beat current sakura.

Sakura's Love Confession Australian
  • Sakura's Love Confession Australian

Clearly Ninja’s should not be Australian. 

Sasuke is more important than Sakura’s Kangaroo, I think that’s true love right there ASS.

(I am so ashamed of myself for this pathetic effort pffttt, everyones are so nice and meaning full and mine has mate-kun in it. )