This place is a mystery. A sanctuary. Every book, every volume you see, has a soul. The soul of the person who wrote it & the soul of those who read it & lived it & dreamed with it. Every time a book changes hands, every time someone runs his eyes down it’s pages, it’s spirit grows & strengthens. In this place, books no longer remembered by anyone, books that are lost in time, live forever, waiting for the day when they will reach a new reader’s hands, a new spirit…
—  Carlos Ruiz Zaf贸n

Archaeological Museum of Brauron:

Artemis protector of children:

Maiden goddess Artemis protected newborn children and young women during labour, the most important moment of their life- childbirth mortality rates were pretty high for both infants and mothers. According to a version of the myth, when Artemis was young she assisted her mother Leto as she leaned on the trunk of a palm-tree to deliver her twin brother Apollo.

The numerous statuettes of girls and boys that were found in the sanctuary- dating at the 2nd half of the 4th century B.C- indicate that at this time Artemis mainly appears as a goddess of labour and child protector. That is why she is called Locheia and quite often she is also identified as Eileithya- goddess of confinement.

Parents dedicated statuettes of young children probably as thank-offerings either for a successful childbirth or children’s recovery from an illness. The aim of this dedication was to set the children under the constant supervision and protection of the goddess. Apart from their garments, women dedicated also the garments of their children to Artemis as well.

Besides a religious centre, the sanctuary functioned as a place of education as well. The children that served the goddess were trained to contribute to the well-being of society as active citizens.

The children here wear their everyday clothes- a chitor or a himation- and they hold in their hands an animal- rabbit or puppy-, a bird, or an object- possibly one of their favourite toys.

Number two of five! These fics are in celebration of winning Slash Madness, and each will be 1000 words or more.
This one ran a bit over, by uh鈥ive hundred words or so. I got carried away.

Psst, tell me what you guys think of Parrish鈥檚 characterization. I haven鈥檛 really written him before and we haven鈥檛 seen all that much in the show, so hopefully he鈥檚 on point (enough).


It鈥檚 supposed to be a routine public disturbance call. It鈥檚 not even that, really. Someone heard a wolf howling in the preserve. This is a job for animal control, or the wolf sanctuary in the town over, not the Sheriff鈥檚 department. Yet here he is, wandering through the woods because he鈥檚 a good deputy and the Sheriff is, in his own words, 鈥渄one with this shit.鈥

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Sanctuary Sentence Meme - Season 1 Edition
  • 鈥淪hall we begin?鈥
  • 鈥淗ow come there鈥檚 no organ music?鈥
  • 鈥淵our sensitivity is breathtaking.鈥
  • 鈥淵ou know, I was hoping that at least you would be normal.鈥
  • 鈥淓ither we work together or we die.鈥
  • 鈥淣ow where would a girl be without her secrets?鈥
  • 鈥淎ctually, on a scale from zero to hero you鈥檙e more like.. almost respectable.鈥
  • 鈥淥h, please tell me that is tea.鈥
  • 鈥淭his is the world鈥檚 worst cup of coffee.鈥
  • 鈥淏elieve me, I鈥檝e been in far worse situations, than this.鈥
  • 鈥淵ou just made all that up, didn鈥檛 you?鈥
  • 鈥淚 keep thinking there must be some way of telling, you know, a way of knowing if the person鈥檚 really them.鈥
  • 鈥淔or the moment we鈥檒l just have to rely on the little things.鈥
  • 鈥淒id you ever love me? I mean, truly love me?鈥
  • 鈥淲hen I first knew you, I loved you with my entire being.鈥
  • 鈥淵ou destroyed my heart.鈥
  • 鈥淲e have a rather odd situation on our hands.鈥
  • 鈥淚sn鈥檛 鈥榬ather odd鈥 sort of your stock in trade?鈥
  • 鈥淒on鈥檛 forget to put out the fire.鈥
  • 鈥淎re you asking me if I鈥檝e been feeling.. randy?鈥
  • 鈥淲ell, turnabout is fair play.鈥
  • 鈥淲omen and geeks first.鈥
  • 鈥淜iss me and I鈥檒l save your life.鈥
  • 鈥淵ou always did know how to get attention.鈥
  • 鈥淚f we don鈥檛 leave now, things are going to get rather bullet ridden.鈥
  • 鈥淢y god, you look sexy with a gun.鈥
  • 鈥淭hanks for the funeral, by the way. I heard it was quite nice.鈥
  • 鈥淲e鈥檙e going to have to fight our way out of here. No killing.鈥
  • 鈥淣ever shown you Rome, have I?鈥
  • 鈥淚 have a lot to make up for.鈥
  • 鈥淭here is such a thing as before my time.鈥
  • 鈥淐heeky monkey.鈥
  • 鈥淥ur whole life is a B-movie.鈥
  • 鈥淵ou invite questions, and then when you don鈥檛 like where they lead, you just walk away.鈥
  • 鈥淗ere鈥檚 a little secret for your books: I鈥檓 not so common.鈥
  • 鈥淚 know you want to kill me, and don鈥檛 tell me it鈥檚 because I asked you to, because that鈥檚 not what friends do to each other!鈥
  • 鈥淚 have suffered for so long, totally alone.鈥
  • 鈥淚f you truly believe I have potential, please, help me achieve it.鈥
  • 鈥淥nce you enter this door, you are on a path that cannot be reversed.鈥
  • 鈥淲e all have the impulse for violence; the true measure of a species, indeed, of a person, is in our restraint.鈥
  • 鈥淥kay. Good. We have a Plan B, I feel better.鈥
  • 鈥淭hat鈥檒l be the police. Good timing, as usual.鈥
  • 鈥淚鈥檓 just saying. Chicks love dudes who go on missions.鈥
  • 鈥淣ot often I use a front door; quite the novelty.鈥
  • 鈥淢ost men鈥檚 failures haunt them for a lifetime; mine have haunted me for two.鈥
  • 鈥淛ustice is meted out in many ways. You鈥檙e not the only one haunted.鈥
  • 鈥淭he guy鈥檚 all hearts and flowers one day, and the next day, he鈥檚 turning a working girl into a canoe.鈥
  • 鈥淵ou don鈥檛 graduate from Eagle Scout to James Bond overnight.鈥
  • 鈥淲hat worries me is that gleam in your eye.鈥
  • 鈥淲ell. The mission鈥檚 necessary disposable item.鈥
  • 鈥淗onestly! I鈥檓 surrounded by adolescents!鈥
  • 鈥淵ou鈥檙e an acquired taste.鈥
  • 鈥淚 guess your father liked us best as a couple.鈥
  • 鈥淵ou felt genuine concern for me. Admit it.鈥
  • 鈥淵ou still like me, it鈥檚 so obvious.鈥
  • 鈥淭hanks for taking off your pants.鈥

Archaeological Site of Sounio/ The Sanctuary of Poseidon:

At the end of the Sounio peninsula, the southermost point of Attica, the Athenians built sanctuaries in honour of their most important deities; Athena and Poseidon.

The sanctuary of Poseidon was built within a fort that protected the coast of Attica. The temple of white marble that came from Agrileza was erected in the middle of the 5th century, right above the older poros temple that had been destroyed before completion by the Persians. The first- smaller- Doric temple of Athena was also destroyed at that time, along with the a marble kouros that stood there before both temples were erected. The second temple that was erected in honour of Athena was a much bigger, Ionic temple with an altar at the south side.

The site is also famous because of the cape from which Aegeas- father of Theseus- allegedly threw himself off, thus giving his name to the Aegean Sea.


Archaeological Site of Sounio/ Sanctuary of Poseidon:

This partridge is not the only one who took a stroll on history. Inscribed on the soft poros stones are the names of thousands of visitors of the 19th century. Plenty philhellenes sought to make it to history on the resilient immortality of these ancient stones. The Greek admirers of antiquity followed suit.

Baby Steps ;; Tahnorra

She reminds him entirely too much of the mirrors that he ruined in the weeks following his encounter with Amon.

Broken. Ruined. And he can see himself in her.

A/N: the finale hurt but it really just made my tahnorra shipping heart even bigger tbh so here have whatever this is

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Oil Exploration Threatens the World’s Rarest Dolphin


New Zealand has been facing pressure from conservationists to save one of the聽rarest dolphins聽in the world from the threats they continue to face. Now, proposed oil and gas exploration in their habitat has renewed calls urging the government to get serious about protecting them.

The Maui鈥檚 dolphin, a distinct subspecies of Hector鈥檚 dolphins, can only be found off the west coast of the North Island where there are only an estimated 55 individuals over the age of one left in existence.

They鈥檙e listed as聽critically endangered聽on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species and continue to struggle against some major threats, including commercial and recreational gillnet fishing and trawling, which have caused their numbers to drop dramatically and are believed to kill an average of five every year.

In 2008, a special sanctuary was set up for them, but it hasn鈥檛 been enough to help these little dolphins recover, and they still continue to face other threats that include pollution, boat strikes and a lack of genetic diversity.

Earlier this spring the International Whaling Commission鈥檚 Scientific Committee released a report citing 鈥渆xtreme concern鈥 for these dolphins and urged the government to boost protection for them by banning trawling in their habitat, warning that they could face imminent extinction in the next three decades if action isn鈥檛 taken.

Wildlife advocates and organizations have also been supporting calls for the government to do more and raising concerns that it鈥檚 doing as little as possible to protect them instead of as much as it can. In May, the World Wildlife Fund-New Zealand launched the聽Last 55聽campaign to gain support for their protection.

鈥淭he government has been woefully inadequate at protecting Maui鈥檚, despite overwhelming public support for action and strong recommendations from the world鈥檚 leading聽whale聽and dolphin scientists. It must act decisively,鈥澛said聽WWF-New Zealand鈥檚 Executive Director Chris Howe.

Now wildlife advocates and a number of politicians are questioning the government鈥檚 plan to allow oil and gas exploration in their habitat, with 3,000 square kilometers, or nearly 2,000 square miles, of the proposed area overlapping with the Maui鈥檚 dolphin sanctuary 鈥 which kind of undermines the point of having a designated sanctuary for them.

鈥淭he Government鈥檚 failure to fully protect Maui鈥檚 dolphins from net-fishing across their range is already putting them at risk of extinction, and this situation is made worse by opening up their habitat to seismic surveying and a greater chance of oil spills,鈥澛said聽WWF-Head of Campaigns Peter Hardstaff.

Nick Smith, New Zealand鈥檚 conservation minister, told the聽Guardian聽that the government is taking care to ensure they don鈥檛 disappear and that a 鈥渞obust process鈥 would ensure that other projects wouldn鈥檛 harm them, but dolphin advocates aren鈥檛 convinced.

Gareth Hughes, a Greens MP, raised聽concerns聽that seismic blasts would deafen them or drive them out of the sanctuary and urged the government to listen to the recommendations of scientific experts to do more to protect them.


Please聽sign and share the petition聽urging New Zealand to help protect Maui鈥檚 dolphins from extinction by shutting down oil and gas exploration in their habitat. Putting them in further harm鈥檚 way and raising the potential for disaster with so few left just so oil companies can profit isn鈥檛 going to help them survive.

Archaeological Museum of Brauron:

Artemis Dadophoros (torch-bearer) - Hecate

Chthonic characteristics were incorporated in the worship of Brauronia Artemis, which indicate her relationship to the chthonic goddess Hecate, with whom Artemis is usually confused or equated.

The chthonic character is denoted by the torch- also a symbol for Persephone- used by the goddess for night hunting (see here) or killing her veneries. The alight聽 torch also symbolizes the purifying fire as well as the light that wards off darkness. Light- bearer (Phosphoros), or Fire-bearer (Pyrforos) are epithets that characterize the goddess of light who purifies and punishes.

The torch has also been interpreted as one of Artemis’s symbols with the quality of the protector of labour- a function also kept by Hecate.