Most of the lions bred and raised in captivity in South Africa are destined for canned hunts.  Canned hunting is where a captive-bred animal is set loose in an area to be shot with no fair means of escape — this can be due to either physical constraints (such as being fenced in a small enclosed space; or from being preemptively lured in or drugged) or mental constraints (being hand-raised by humans and effectively having all natural fear of mankind removed.)

Numerous lion breeding farms, many of which run out of South Africa and mask themselves as conservation-based sanctuaries or rescues, provide a steady supply of new stock animals for this purpose.  To offset the high expense of raising and feeding these surplus lions, these parks offer cub petting — a very popular tourist attraction and lure for international volunteers which directly supports and funds the rapidly flourishing canned hunting industry.

All the while, tourists and volunteers continue to pay for the privilege, none-the-wiser of what their money is supporting or where the cubs they cuddle are actually going.

Please avoid any facility that offers cub petting, and educate friends and family on the truth of canned lion hunting.

For more resources on canned hunting and cub petting, check out the links on the resources page.

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Actual quote from Pique after the events picture in this photo occurred:

"Okay but you’re not my friend and you never will be. you come into my establishment into my work place into my sanctuary and you treat me like we’ve shared a womb, like i invite you over to my house every sunday at 12 pm for barbecue, like we’ve gone on family trips together. i can tell you right now that today, you have crossed a line. Don’t touch me or joke with me because if you do I can promise you this day that things will be made very difficult for u here."

Access: Daryl and Carol embracing… What did it mean for those two characters to see each other again?

Gale: You know, there’s a bond there. Obviously a lot of the fans feel very strongly about their connection and so do the characters themselves.
They both feel like they’re outsiders, they both have a history of abuse from family members and I think there’s a bond between them that they trust each other and they have so much that they share… a lot of which goes unspoken.

—  Gale Anne Hurd - October 19, 2014 

I am currently reading Dan Brown’s The Da vinci Code and I can’t help it, but when there are mysteries going on or Robert Langdon (Main Character) is talking about symbols and historical events I always hear the Soundtracks “Leonardos inventions”, “Sanctuary” or “Aproaching Target” playing in my head


— Clyde Caldwell

Acolyte of Asarte

After completing the 13 paths of her initiation rituals, the cleric may lay on hands to heal others, turn away abominations that are unholy to Asarte, and call upon the favor of Asarte to produce for 4 of the following:
Detect Evil
Detect Magic
Food of the Gods
Sacred Sanctuary
Protection from Evil
Resist Cold or Heat
Second Sight
Word of Command.

anonymous said:

Could I get an opinion on Cat Haven in Dunlap CA?

Honestly, I am extremelyput off by their website.  Not only is it very lacking in information on areas I want most to explore—do they breed? Are all the animals even rescues?—but their information on some awareness issues are scant and even sound like they lean towards support.

They have pages on hybrids and white tigers, and while they go into the inbreeding of white tigers a little, they take a tone in the article that the incredibly unethical breeding of these animals may be justified by the inspiration they provide to the public.  In the hybrids page, they do not discuss the health issues of ligers at all, just that they have reduced fertility, and they make a point that the breeding of pet hybrids like bengals brings money to the breeders.  As if this justifies it.  

The first thing that comes to mind when I look up this place is the mauling of Dianna Hanson over a year ago.  She is pictured here:


Unprotected contact with a tiger, and it was a lion that killed her when she was in the cage with him by herself.  Apparently protocol is to have 2-3 people in the cage at once, but this honestly makes no difference when one of these cats decides to attack.

So I do not gather anything but red flags from this place.  They seem to try and hide these issues with conservation efforts, which are all well and good but the glaring issues in their own facility aren’t offset by that.

So go ahead and lie to yourself,
And pretend that you’re a ray of light,
When you’re a broken candle
—  Sanctuary, Paradise Fears