today the planets and stars aligned in such a way predestined me to make the perfect joke to ever grace my film class. so what happened was yesterday i lent my science teacher a lightsaber for his obi-wan costume and he gave it back to me today. I shove it in my backpack and forget about it, so later in the afternoon im in film class and our teacher is talking about how western films have tumble weeds and cacti and that’s how you know its a western.

and then he said something and i knew today was the day id been waiting for. he said, “but if theres lightsabers then it’s going to be a totally different genre, right?” the gods had graced me with this moment and there wasn’t a second to spare. this was the perfect moment in human history. i had to act.

in that instant i immediately whip my lightsaber out of my bag and turn it on. just the look on my film teacher’s face will power me for life. it was the greatest moment of my 16 years of life. i am so proud of myself. i will never top this. i have peaked.

not hetalia not hetalia not hetalia

but dude do you ever have like those OCs that are literal soul mates like they are so perfect for each other and would have the healthiest relationship in that whole universe and you end up making them best friends and they’RE SOUL MATES BUT YOU CAN’T SHIP THEM BUT YOU KINDA DO BUT MORE AS FRIENDS AND YOU SABOTAGE YOUR OWN ATTEMPTS TO SHIP THEM I just have a lot of feelings for these two