My orphanblack Season 3 Premiere Project video! Thank you obcrack for editing this beautifully! Thank you Clone Club, this was for you! Enjoy the rest of Season 3! Xx

25 portraits, 79 hours, 33 Sharpies, 1 month, 37+ cast, crew & network recognitions.

LC Morgan, 2015 (x).


Dan’s Vlog P3 - The ball. This video belongs to E4 (x)


L A D Y ♔ G A G A - Airport Fashion

There’s carry-on and then there’s carry-on.

It is not uncommon for celebrities to jet around the country with their dogs, but as always Lady Gaga made a spectacle of the practice on Friday. The singer looked podium-ready in this floral Maxi Dress by Pascal Millet from his Spring Summer 2015 collection. She teamed it up with Fendi ‘Orchidea’ FF 0117/S Sunglasses with transparent perspex and Atelier VERSACE Spring 2014 Sandals in nude.

Y/A female | casual + formal | custom thumbnails | glasses slider enabled | morphed | real look

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