imagine Kurt and Blaine working at Disneyland and they play Prince Philip and Prince Eric respectively and they’re dating and then one day Blaine proposes to Kurt while they’re still in their costumes in front of the castle and it’s romantic and epic and the little kids talk about the two princes that got married at the castle because they don’t understand that it’s just an engagement and a little boy asks Kurt if he’s going to go to the castle by the sea to live with prince eric and i just need to sit down and breathe

the-megastud-ryderlynn replied to your postSorry about all that stupid stuff I said yesterday night… And you are definitely a jedi, unless you want to be a sith. That’s cool too.

It’s embarrassing. That is why I don’t like taking painkillers. That’s probably why I even thought about that.

It’s not that embarrassing; don’t beat yourself up over it. The painkillers are helping you cope with your injuries though, right? So it’s probably better if you keep taking them until your pain becomes more manageable.