I am patience, the steady rhythm of rain tapping on glass until the window is opened and water rushes in. I am the early bird who never gets the worm, but continues to be up before dawn- just in case. I am the love letters that sit quietly at the bottom of your desk drawer and eternally hope to be sent someday and caressed by new, adoring hands. I am the heart at its best: always understanding, consistently affectionate, and forever faithful. But I am also your downfall. I am as sturdy as a brick wall that keeps you from your dreams that rest on the other side. I am a whale that swallows your responses of dissent and the crane that swoops in with the submissive words of consent to wait. And so you will wait- you will wait for the love and attention that you crave instead of seeking it for yourself, and you will stand forever alone in the chill of an eternal night. Fear me, for I am everywhere, everything, and in everyone, and I will not be conquered.

ok I’m a huge gross furry so look at my fursonias (they’re based off of each letter of my meyers-briggs type) ive had this done since january I was just too embarassed to post it lmao