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When Rockwell barfed up that worm thing on you, what did you find more repulsive: The fact that it was a disgusting mind-control worm, or the fact that it had been in Rockwell's mouth?

And we all know where Rockwell’s mouth has been!

Kissing Slash’s shell.

so while i’m talking about some wizards not giving a fuck about mental consent in HP, I’m rereading the epilogue and Ron jokes about having to briefly confund the Muggle driving examiner to pass his test.

i’d say that your wife did not almost die in the Wizarding War for you to think that is ok, but then i remember Hermoine’s regard for bodily sanctity sometimes…

you can read that epilouge and hate it for being so heternormative and Norman Rockwell-esque (and you are very right to do so), but I kinda like this ending because I don’t read is as a really happy ending. that little nod there is an allusion to how certain power structures which privilege magical persons are still standing…and reproducing themselves. because is there any image more connoting of social reproduction than the train? It’s a circular one track machine that only goes one direction. Harry, Hermoine, and Ron and Ginny sending off their kids to a system that strengthened them but also isolated them from their families (why is the predominant mode of schooling for wizards still boarding school?). Circles connote harmony and balance, but they also connote claustrophobia and restriction…like how Harry has (infeasibly) not extended his social circle beyond those he knew in high school and through the names of his kids, this house echoes with the names of dead people (and abusers) who died before their names could be sullied beyond the ideal


said: You’re a singer?

No, I’m a panda bear covered in peanut butter Yes! My name is Park Yun-Jeong and I am the lead of the K-Pop band SPARKLE! You can listen to the songs I release weekly [here] and you can buy SPARKLE albums and other fun merchandise [here] (not going to lie to you, the leggings are very comfortable.).

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So you got Raph and Dr. Rockwell back by insulting them? - Ferret Girl ^^(A)^^

Heh heh, I wish that worked for everything.

I’ve got a million Shredder puns.


​We were about to overlook this one, but then a wild Sam Rockwell appeared. Can we ignore his and Jeremy Renner’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge? Sorry folks, we can’t. While we’re at it, check out this new crappy photo of Hawkeye on the Age of Ultron’s set. Yes, Joss Whedon is trying to punch him, that’s exactly what’s going on.


Seven Psychopaths trivia: The original script revolved heavily on the shih-tzu getting shot in the final stand-off of the film. The film boards insisted that they shouldn’t show animal cruelty and the script was changed around it. Billy also refers to this in the grave yard scene when he says “His rabbit gets away, because you can’t let the animals die in a movie. Just the women”