Capitalism thrives not so much on the division of work as it does on the division of workers. it seeks to incite race against race, the factory hand against the farmer, the laborer against the skilled man, the worker of one country against those of another. the strength of the exploited class lies in dis-unity, in divided laborers; the social revolution requires the unity of the toiling masses.
—  Alexander Berkman
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This week’s Fan Art Contract: Miracle of Sound for his ‪#‎AssassinsCreed‬Unity song. Make art to get something cool!

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The first CD of Uchiha Sasuke, called “Revolution”, will be released in December 6th.

Close sources confirm that his waifu (Uchiha Sakura) was his inspiration to write those wonderful musics.

This CD also has an adaptation. Sasuke sings “My anaconda don’t” half-naked.

Prepare yourselves to the REVOLUTION!

sorry… not sorry, actually

im at queer camp right now and ive been talking to other ppl about anime and ive already explained to this poor sasuke hating kid why sasuke is super cool sakura the beautiful viva la revolution

Russell Brand wants YOU to join the revolution.

We all know the system isn’t working. Our governments are corrupt and the opposing parties pointlessly similar. Our culture is filled with vacuity and pap, and we are told there’s nothing we can do - “it’s just the way things are”.

In this book, Russell Brand hilariously lacerates the straw men and paper tigers of our conformist times and presents, with the help of experts as diverse as Thomas Piketty and George Orwell, a vision for a fairer, sexier society that’s fun and inclusive.

You have been lied to, told there’s no alternative, no choice and that you don’t deserve any better. Brand destroys this illusory facade as amusingly and deftly as he annihilates Morning Joe anchors, Fox News fascists and BBC stalwarts.

This book makes revolution not only possible, but inevitable and fun.

Pre-order REVOLUTION here. 

Isaac Newton, the mathematical genius who first understood how gravity makes the planets move, was puzzled by the absence of much tilt in the orbital planes of the planets, and deduced that, at the beginning of the solar system, God must have started the planets out all orbiting in the same plane.

But the mathematician Pierre Simon, the Marquis de Laplace, and later the celebrated philosopher Immanuel Kant, discovered how it could have happened without recourse to divine intervention. Ironically, they relied on the very laws of physics that Newton had discovered.

—  Carl Sagan, Billions and Billions