This is literally the best thing I have ever been tagged in, thank you xo-lovepalestine and flaringcandle may Allah reward us for this, inshallah.

Okay, so the way this beautiful Quran tag works is that you pick your favorite verse from the Quran and briefly explain its importance to you. Inshallah we can all benefit from this.

I honestly found it hard to find only one because there are so many that impacted my life in such wonderful ways. But for now I picked Surah Al-Nur Ayat 21-23. I chose this one because for me, personally, growing up Islam was never really explained to me. It was like “You’re Muslim, Islam is your religion, take these rules and go.” That’s it. And it was always, even by my Islamic teachers and parents, made out to be so, so scary. Like if I did one wrong thing I was doomed to hell. I was never taught the mercy of Allah until I came upon this ayat on my own. It was so calming and reassuring to know that I have Allah’s forgiveness and mercy, I just needed to ask for it. And that for me was such a beautiful discovery.

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Okay, I know I’m missing people, I know ): if you’re reading this please do it, it’ll be so beneficial for you to reflect on the Qur’an’s impact on your life. It’ll make your heart grow with love for it once more, inshallah (:

And sorry for the quality of the picture, androids have a down side.


"what will you do, little wolf?"

That episode though, right?  I keep feeling like Scott would never hurt Stiles and that is going to go very badly.

Also Rosewindow wrote a little thing here.  *hearts*


have i ever mentioned my twitter is basically just a konoha shrine tho? idk he suits this lil derp simple chibi style so well, it’s hard not to draw him at least once a day in it.

anyways, transparent konohas hehe.


Rewatched episode 14……..Tucker ;_;

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"My name is Uchiha Sasuke. There are plenty of things I dislike, considering there is almost nothing I do like. It is pointless to talk about "dreams"... That's just a word... But one thing I have is determination. I am going to restore my clan and there is a certain someone who I have sworn... to kill."
Uchiha Sasuke