Doctor Who 8x01 Deep Breath


“Not since I was a little girl.” ahahaha

It ate the TARDIS, didn’t it?

“Your grasp of biology troubles me.” lollll

Doctor, bby, what’s going on?

The new music i’m not quite sold on, but OH MY GOD THE GRAPHICS IN THE TITLE SEQUENCE YES.

Beautiful trick Vastra played ahaha.

So has Strax learned to speak English? When the Doctor and the TARDIS aren’t around to translate?

Interesting scene among the three ladies…

“I was talking to the horse!” snort

Aaaaahahahaha Vastra’s carriage locking chirp-chirp

Clara looks so out of place in that bustle.

“Who frowned me this face?”

attack eyebrows taking off bottle tops ahaha

Oh this poor old guy.

Vastra and Jenny seem to be having some marital strife.

“You should make that thing voice activated.” … “I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Dormant.” “How do you know?” “I don’t, I’m just hoping.”

Doctor, what the heck, you just abandon Clara in there?

Brave beautiful teacher Clara <3

OK, but Vastra and Jenny’s crimefighting is still fabulous as ever.

OK, Twelve’s voice reminds me of someone that i can’t figure out (beyond the accent, i mean). Neil Gaiman, maybe. Specifically his Richard Mayhew voice. But someone else, too… Iain de Caestecker? Seems too young…

OH WOW that’s why this is making sense to the Doctor? because it parallels him? Though i get the Madame du Pompadour thing as well.

WOW the new TARDIS interior is gorgeous.

“Clara, I’m not your boyfriend.” “I never thought you were.” “Never said it was your mistake.” Ooooh snap.

“There’s a woman out there who’s very keen that we stay together.” *TARDIS noises* BBY

THAT’S WHAT “It might be your boyfriend” MEANT, WOW.

Missy what??


"what will you do, little wolf?"

That episode though, right?  I keep feeling like Scott would never hurt Stiles and that is going to go very badly.

Also Rosewindow wrote a little thing here.  *hearts*


Rewatched episode 14……..Tucker ;_;


have i ever mentioned my twitter is basically just a konoha shrine tho? idk he suits this lil derp simple chibi style so well, it’s hard not to draw him at least once a day in it.

anyways, transparent konohas hehe.