respekt-the-bovril asked:

the AU where fitz sneaks a puppy onto base????


1. He names the dog Aristotle. I am totally stealing this from the fic where Fitz got his monkey assistant and it was not peaches and cream at all, because for some reason I found that absolutely hilarious and now think that any pet Fitz has should be named Aristotle.

2. Once the cat puppy is out of the bag and Coulson finds out about him, he actually lets Fitz keep the dog. (Coulson is an old softie and everyone knows it.) Aristotle becomes a therapy dog of sorts, following Fitz around the base all day, keeping him company. Even though Fitz is doing so much better physically, his mood improves. (Actually, in all honesty, Aristotle becomes a therapy dog for everyone on base.)

3. Fitz is bound and determined to teach the puppy a long list of commands and tricks, but he barely manages anything beyond house training, sit, and stay. For some reason, Aristotle just refuses to do anything more complicated.

4. Hunter feeds Aristotle his table scraps until Jemma finds out and yells at him for fifteen minutes, because feeding dogs table scraps can lead to canine obesity. When she leaves, Hunter looks down at Aristotle. “We gotta do better, mate,” Hunter says. “Keep this quieter.” Aristotle wags his tail.

5. Aristotle likes to lie down just beyond the edge of the mat in the training room while May does her morning exercises. She won’t admit it, but she likes having him there.

Bonus: Jemma gives Aristotle table scraps. Once. As a treat, because he’s been such a positive influence on Fitz.

give me an AU and I’ll give you 5 headcanons!

tl;dr: transpersoner blev felkönade av personal på punkt shop och istället för att be om ursäkt sa personen i kassan “är ni INTE tjejer?” och “hejdå HEN” till dem.

fick en anon som var väldigt orolig över detta och ville varna folk. punkt shop ska enligt anon inte ha svarat på det senaste meddelandet som syns i bilden. 

vad ni gör med denna information är upp till er, jag publicerar av respekt till anon.