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Delirium Trilogy

Lauren Oliver

First of, I am very sorry for the inactivity. Thank you for those who stayed with me! 

Delirium has been my number 1 favorite book, ever. Although I wasn’t able to read Pandemonium as soon as possible. Delirium is amazing. It’s a dystopian romance. In their world, love is a disease. There are Valids and Invalids. Invalids live in the wilds. Where they are free to choose and to love. Within the events, I loved Lena, Hana and Alex immediately. No doubt it is my favorite because every moment in the book was thrilling and amazing. 

So last last week, I managed to buy my own copy of Pandemonium. It answered a lot of questions from Delirium. I love how strong Lena turned out to be. How she turned to be differentfrom the old Lena. Delirium was amazing, and Pandemonium turned out to be better. Simply because the action was there and the thrill. There are a lot of questions that needs to be answered, and so leaving me with surprises in Requiem.

Requiem was fantastic. I felt everything. Lena’s, Hana’s, Alex’s and the resistance. It was awesome! Although I’d hoped for a better ending, it wa altogether nice.

I recommend the Delirium trilogy! You’ll love everything about it.

I’m so back to reading again and as soon as possible, blogging! A lot of things are keeping me busy, so I am sorry for the delay. Add me on Goodreads!

requiem-of-fire said:

Seriously? T______T I did not know this! Are they prequels to the anime or do they go further into what happen after the incident?

They’re prequels. 

SIDE: Black & White features Kuroh, Neko, and Shiro’s background respectively (Shiro’s is currently under translation and isn’t complete, but there’s a good chunk of it available), along with going further into what happened to them after the Himmelreich’s explosion in ep. 8.  (personally my fave novel).

SIDE: Blue features Takeru Kusuhara, a member of Scepter 4, along with Zenjo Goki, the former Blue King’s lieutenant. 

SIDE: Red features snippets of the HOMRA’s Big Three’s past (it goes the most in-depth with Totsuka’s), but mainly features Anna’s.

Lost Small World features Fushimi and Yata’s background.

There ARE in-depth and follow-up things for the anime too, but they’re mostly short stories.

A Fork in the Road:  The follow-up of Neko and Kuroh going to search for Shiro.

The Dog and the Cat of the Distant Seas:  expansion on Neko and Kuroh’s search for Shiro

The King Who was Left Behind:  Munakata and Daikaku’s exchange after Mikoto’s slain.

There are a lot more that include things that are prequel stories (reading the novels first make them easier to follow, though) and in-depth on events from the anime, but those I linked to are very direct follow ups,

Ask blog for.....?

I’m getting my fanart posting groove back

Meanwhile, I also wanna open an ask blog, but I can’t choose which character I want to use, so I’ll let you decide, but remember, this doesn’t mean THAT IT’S CONFIRMED THAT I’M GOING TO OPEN AN ASK BLOG just might and if ever I do, so please, don’t expect to much yet since I’m also running a fanart blog…..

Anyway here are the contestants:

  1. Shiori Kanzaki (Forest of Drizzling Rain)
  2. Coco Robin (Bury)
  3. Himeno Mikoto (Paranormal Syndrome)
  4. Cloe (Cloe’s Requiem)
  5. Akane Ninomiya (UTOPIA)

And if you guys wanna know my style of drawing, here


all these recent dystopian novels are basically the same story with a different twist it’s like

  • 16/17 yr old girl
  • white
  • long hair
  • heterosexual
  • skinny
  • there is BOY
  • maybe even TWO
  • something bad happen
  • many bad
  • become symbol for REBELLION
  • 2 more books w/ audibly similar titles

and I feel like I should hate them for this but I CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF THESE FUCKIN BOOKS