I just had to share this lovely artwork of Princess Kakyuu; to my knowledge, it’s never been posted on the web before!

You’ll be able to get watermark-free versions when I make the full settei scans available; it’s just that people on Tumblr have a nasty penchant for reposting so I wanted to stay safe :P

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I love our ship!! I don't care what label maks and meryl put on it - homies??? I am just here enjoying this ride :)

Dude - the homie thing is hysterical.   Like really Maks. 

You could’ve just liked it and been done with that. 



Homie isn’t going to help my friend.   Nope.  Nada.  Zilch.

Put a fork in Maks.  He’s done.


@aliciamariebody: REPOSTING this shot from @G33khq - my Ms Marvel cosplay from @stanleecomikaze earlier this month!
LOVE cosplaying Carol! …..oh, and it’s Ms Danvers if you’re nasty 😎😄😉💪💪💋
Photography: Danny DeLuna

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Okay now Maks is reposting and tweeting cute baby Meryl video...we can't take it Maks 😏