Let felicity fly!

“I went through puberty late. When I was in high school I easily got irritated by parents. However, my high school friends frequently stopped me from doing so.”
“How did they stop you?”
“They told me I shouldn’t act that way towards my parents, and they would send apology messages to my parents on my phone instead of me. At that time I really hated sending my parents messages. However, as my friends continued to influence my actions, I changed. Now I’m very close with my parents. My high school friends have greatly changed my life.”

"제가 사춘기가 늦게 와서 전 고등학교 때 부모님한테 막 짜증내고 그랬는데, 고등학교 친구들이 옆에서 많이 잡아줬어요."
"어떻게 잡아줬어요?"
"부모님한테 그러면 안 된다면서, 저 대신 제 핸드폰으로 부모님께 사과 문자 보내드렸어요. 그 때 전 정말 부모님한테 문자하는 거 싫어했거든요. 하지만 친구들한테 계속 영향을 받고 변해서 지금은 부모님과 정말 살갑게 지내요. 고등학교 친구들이 제 인생을 많이 바꿔놨어요."


“However small we are, we should always fight for what we believe to be right. And I don’t mean fight with the power of our fists or the power of our swords…I mean the power of our brains and our thoughts and our dreams.

"And as small and quiet and unimportant as our fighting may look, perhaps we might all work together…and break out of the prisons of our own making. Perhaps we might be able to keep this fierce and beautiful world of ours as free for all of us as it seemed to be on that blue afternoon of my childhood.”

- Cressida Cowell, How to Speak Dragonese

The Body is Not An Apology is HIRING!

The Body is Not An Apology is a global movement focused on Radical Self-Love and Body Empowerment. In the three and a half years since our founding, we have grown exponentially, reaching over 100,000 people weekly and boasting over 40,000 Unapologetic Posse members from the U.S, India, Australia, Singapore, and many other countries all across the world!

We are in a season of rapid growth and are looking to expand our work and our team. Multiple Leadership Circle positions are currently available.Leadership Circle positions include a small stipend. We welcome all applicants who want to serve the cause of radical self-love and social transformation. Transgender people, people of color, aging people, people with disabilities, men, those with intersectional identities and people from outside the US who are passionate about issues of radical self-love and social change are especially encouraged to apply. 


TBINAA Content Writers/Curators (7 positions)

Content Writers/Curators are a central element of the TBINAA philosophy and our community education. Content Writers/Curators are strong writers who are willing to be vulnerable, insightful, and daring with their content. They provide in-depth ideas and analysis of current-day issues regarding radical self-love and identity. They source web content on hot topics, illuminate under-discussed issues, and challenge body terrorism. Content Writers/Curators write about issues of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, weight, size, aging, religion, parenting, mental health, and other topics related to loving ourselves and one another unconditionally.

Responsibilities include:

  • Write articles about radical self-love as a vehicle for radical social transformation

  • Source web content in various formats (print, podcast, videos, etc.) for sharing and publication

  • Research and post articles about current issues

  • Collaborate with other writers

  • Work with our Content Manager on topics, edits, revisions, and framing

  • Participate in monthly meetings

Social Media Administrators (4 positions)

Social Media Administrators ensure the visibility of TBINAA via social media platforms such as Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter. Social Media Administrators ensure that content from our websiteis transferred to our social media pages, and share memes, affirmations, and images related to radical self-love. Social Media Administrators will also create affirmations and caption TBINAA content to attract readers and interest in the main site.

Responsibilities include:

  • Increase the visibility and impact of TBINAA.

  • Communicate the mission, vision, and principles of radical self-love to social media audiences.

  • Maintain and update TBINAA social networking vehicles, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, multiple times daily.

  • Respond to followers’ comments, inbox messages, and concerns in a timely manner.

  • Monitor threads to ensure users are respecting TBINAA Community Dialogue Agreements.

  • Increase the number of Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr followers on our pages.

  • Caption graphics and provide video transcripts for accessibility.

TBINAA“Bad” Picture Monday/Instagram Coordinators (2 positions)

The Body is Not An Apology’s “Bad” Picture Monday project continues to garner international attention for its focus on deconstructing image consciousness. We are seeking an individual who can generate interest, engage new participants, and expand radical self-love through “Bad” Picture Monday and Instagram.

Responsibilities include:

  • Collect and post “Bad” Picture Monday images from Unapologetic Posse Members and TBINAA staff

  • Manage our Instagram account that houses “Bad”Picture Monday images

  • Upload images and memes related to radical self-love.

  • Caption graphics and transcribe videos for accessibility.

  • Track the press and online presence of “Bad” Picture Monday.

  • Develop marketing tools and promotional ideas to share the project.

Special Project Assistant to the CEO

Are you creative? Are you a “take it and run” sort of person? Founder and CEO Sonya Renee Taylor NEEDS YOU! The Body is Not An Apology is an ever-growing movement whose reach increases each day. We have amazing events, activities, and projects launching all the time. The Special Projects Assistant could be helping to coordinate a poetry event in Los Angeles with the biggest names in slam or design a radical self-love fashion spread for New York’s Fashion Week. Sometimes, the assistant may just be answering emails from Unapologetic Posse Members around the world. Who KNOWS what is next? We need an organized, enthusiastic disciple of RADICAL SELF-LOVE to make it happen.

Responsibilities include:

  • Assist the TBINAA founder in developing new projects.

  • Contribute to the creative design and development of TBINAA campaigns, projects, and activities that spread our message around the world.

  • Organize TBINAA resources for easier access.

  • Answer emails and field questions regarding our community and activities.

How to Apply

Applicants should complete our online form at : http://goo.gl/forms/AUH3fcfrt9

Additionally, please submit your resume and letter explaining your interest via email to info@thebodyisnotanapology.com.

Ideal candidates are committed to compassionate and non-judgmental radical body positivity, radical inclusivity, and social justice. Candidates should be self-starters, enthusiastic, passionate, team oriented, and organized. College level applicants may receive college credits for their Leadership Circle work.


All Leadership Circle positions are virtual; thus, applicants must have reliable high-speed Internet connections and be skilled and responsible regarding electronic communication. Since the positions are remote, anyone anywhere in the world can apply.

Mélanie Laurent as Shosanna reading and smoking in Inglourious Basterds (2009).

Most and best of all there’s the luminous Mélanie Laurent as Shoshanna, running a cinema in German-occupied Paris. A German war hero tries to court her (she’s repulsed) by convincing Goebbels they should premiere the fictional version of the war hero’s story at Shoshanna’s movie house. When Hitler himself decides he’ll attend the premiere, Shoshanna and Aldo launch separate and equally insane schemes to turn that premiere into a night the Nazis will never forget—-that is, if any of them survive.