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Olicity - 46. Nanny/single parent au

Well this is extreme, tooth rotting fluff. Complete with bath time and tickle fights. I adore kids and have some experience as a nanny myself so this focuses a lot more on the Oliver/daughter/Felicity dynamic than just the Olicity of it. Enjoy!

What’s In a Family?

“Come here, munchkin. You still have chocolate on your nose.”

“Ah! No! That tickles!”

The tinkling laughter of his little girl along with the sloshing of water and small exclamations brings a smile to Oliver’s face as he ventures further into his four-year-old daughter’s bedroom. It’s past eight o’clock and he’s just now getting home from the office. With a possible merger on the horizon, everyone at Queen Consolidated has been working overtime, including its CEO. And while this was great news for the company, Oliver has found that his time with his daughter has been extremely limited. That’s why he hired Felicity nearly six months ago.

“What tickles? This?”

More giggles and high-pitched squeals ring out from the direction of the bathroom as Oliver draws closer.

“Stop! Feliiiissy!”

“What’s that, Kate? I can’t hear you.”

He pauses in the open doorway, taking in the heartwarming sight before him. Kate is splashing around in the too-big-for-her bathtub, surrounded by a myriad of Barbie mermaid dolls that Thea bought for her birthday last week. She has the brightest smile on her face, pearly whites all on display, as she attempts to twist away from Felicity’s hold.

The older blonde makes an exaggerated reach for his daughter who laughs in delight when she successfully evades her grasp.

“Missed me!”

“I did! How did you get so fast?”

“Aunty Thea! Daddy calls her Speedy. That means she’s super fast!”

Oliver chuckles at the logic, alerting both females to his presence. Two very blonde heads whip around to look at him, bright smiles spread across both of their faces. The greeting sends his heart racing for reasons he chooses to ignore.


Kate climbs out of the bathtub almost immediately, completely disregarding her currently soaking wet and unclothed state as she charges toward Oliver. However, a fluffy pink towel encompasses the little girl before she can get to him, a playful shriek escaping her mouth.

“Oh no you don’t, you little monkey. You’re going to get Daddy’s suit all wet!”

Felicity hauls the four-year-old to her body, hugging her close as she rubs the soft cotton against her skin. Kate doesn’t mind at all, laughing and playfully squirming in her arms.

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VoicePlay - Broadway Top 10 Countdown

10. “Everyone’s A Little Bit Racist” (From Avenue Q)

9. “Sherry” - OPB: The Four Seasons (From Jersey Boys)

8. “Belle” (From Beauty & The Beast)

7. “Seasons of Love” (From RENT)

6. “Master of the House” (From Les Misérables)

5. “All That Jazz” (From CHICAGO)

4. “He Lives In You” (From The Lion King)

3. “Popular” (From Wicked)

2. “The Phantom of the Opera” (From The Phantom of the Opera)

1. “Hello!” (From The Book of Mormon)

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Iwatobi and samezuka guys waking up and not seeing their partner there (thanks for answering my asks!!!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ you are lovely)

(//w/// aw no you’re lovelier! i’ll assume if they woke up in the middle of the night?)

Makoto: When he feels that they’re not there anymore, he groans a little and sits up, glancing around sleepily and trying to get out of bed to find them. When it turns out they just went to the bathroom, he laughs lightly and hugs them tighter than usual when they go back to sleep.

Haruka: If he sees them out of bed, he’d be immensely relieved that they didn’t leave him and offer to make mackerel if they were hungry. It takes a bit longer for him to fall asleep if they come back, but he manages to mumble about how glad he was they were still with him before he drifts off.

Nagisa: Once he registers it, he panics, shooting straight up from his bed and checking every room available to try to find them. When he sees them, he hugs them tightly and tells them that he was scared to not see them there, and keeps hugging them until he falls asleep. 

Rei: He fumbles around to find his glasses and clumsily make his way around his house, trying to find his partner and would probably end up bumping into them and sighing in relief before going back to bed.

Rin: It takes him a few seconds, but he jumps right out of his bed and grabs his cell phone, calling their number while pacing around his house. When he finds them he scolds them by hitting them on the head and telling them he was worried, grateful for the darkness covering his blush.

Sousuke: Even if he’s so sleepy he can hardly stand it, he still tries to look around for his partner, resting his head on their shoulder when he finds them and tells them not to scare him like that again because he likes it better when they’re next to him.

Nitori: He panics and is wide-awake all over again, hesitantly calling his partner’s name while he wanders around his house to find them. When he does he scolds them for scaring him, and kisses their head when they’re back in bed together.

Seijuurou: He waits a little bit, not believing that his partner would just get up and leave in the middle of the night. He pretends to be asleep until they come back to bed, and then he surprises them by hugging them until they both drift off. 

Momotarou: He’d be scared at first, but too sleepy to do anything and might convince himself that he’s dreaming before falling asleep again. When he wakes up to see his partner there again, he grins sleepily and snuggles them, tangling their legs together.


An image of my son outside of his classroom accompanied with a QR code to a silly video of him, and the card my son made me (which is illustrated to depict us playing basketball) that reads:

"Dear Dad,

I hope that me and you have a fun time together.

Love, Landen.”

He was referring to this evening’s ‘Back to School’ night, where the children give their parents a tour of their school, classrooms, and introduce them to their teachers. Always a fun time.

Very proud father over here.



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Both teams visiting their partner's grave?? Here have some angst


Makoto: He visits them quite often, bringing them their favorite flowers and sitting in front of the grave while telling them about his day. He’s the first and last of any visitors to come and go, crying quietly almost every time.

Haruka: He barely says anything at all, preferring to leave them small presents in front of their grave and asking how they are, going home only when he finishes talking to them.

Nagisa: He brings piles and piles of gifts every time, and it becomes a bad habit of his to buy little things he thought his partner would like and leave them by their grave, crying by himself.

Rei: He’d try to act mature about it, smiling weakly and leaving them the most beautifully arranged flowers he could find. He still tells them about his life, ending his talks with how he loves them and how he wishes they were still there.

Rin: He forces himself to be strong, because now that makes another grave he has to visit beside his father’s. He leaves bouquets of their favorite flowers every time, trying to speak through his tears.

Sousuke: He tries to smile, knowing that they would want him to be happy, but he still stays for at least an hour, telling them that he hopes they’re doing well and how much he loves them. 

Nitori: He cries almost every visit, but one he stops he tries to smile and explain to them why he chose them a specific gift, most of the time the reason being “it reminded me of you.”

Seijuurou: He can’t hug them anymore so he hugs the gravestone instead, ignoring the strange looks he gets while he does so or softly sings their favorite song to them. He leaves roses every time.

Momotarou: He goes in the mornings and doesn’t leave until it’s dark, sobbing to himself and asking why they aren’t with him anymore. It’s a wound that’s cut deep into his heart, and he shows it be leaving gifts he would have gotten for them if they were still there.


Fake show posters for Receiver of Many by kata-chthonia

Hades Aidoneus and Persephone posters accompanying this and these ones.

Congratulations on finishing Receiver of Many, Kata!