"an unnie that I know is a haristylist and even though she is not a Super Junior fan, she said that SJ new song is amazing! not only the title song but all recorded songs! she said its different than before!!!"

English trans: rei066
Japanese trans: misa_mgl
Source: 7____0


hey friends,

 wow i can’t believe it but, including today, there are only 5 days until we release ‘stomachaches’ the first record by frnkiero andthe cellabration on Staple Records and B.CALM Press! if you haven’t gotten the chance yet you can watch our video for weighted and/or listen to a stream of our second single joyriding now. you can also preorder the record on itunes, amazon, or get the cd or vinyl version here

 In the meantime, while we wait for monday…i wrote a piece and did an interview with always rad Music Radar, called 5 tips for guitarists which you can read now on their site

or if you possibly don’t want to read things with your eyes, and would rather use your ears…please feel free to take a listen to the new Going Off Track Podcast i did and also my interview on the GUNZ show. both of which were super fun to do.

  i can’t wait until monday, its a strange feeling building up to a release. there’s excitement and nerves and sleepless nights and at the same time complete and total exhaustion. i look forward to you all hearing the record and finally being able to set these songs free into the universe. i’ll be celebrating the release of stomachaches at one of my favorite record stores, Vintage Vinyl in Fords NJ. if you got a ticket for that event, i’ll see you there! if not i hope to see you in Howell NJ on Sept 6 or Philly PA on Sept 7 or on tour this fall with TBS and The Used.

until we meet again, keep the faith and savor the now. xofrnk

  thank you

You Me At Six Make NFL Offer To Play Super Bowl Halftime Show


You Me At Six are the first band turning NFL’s supposed desire to have artists Pay To Play the Super Bowl halftime show into a somewhat equally cheap marketing gimmick. Read an offer to the band about how they will spend millions of dollars to play the biggest gig in the world below after the jump.

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Watch on dcd2records.com

here’s a little DCD2 acoustic mashup with LOLO's “Hit & Run” and New Politics ”Harlem” 

get “hit and run” on iTunes


London Zoo annual weigh in

The height and mass of every animal in the zoo, of which there are over 16,000, is recorded and submitted to the Zoological Information Management System. This is combined with animal measurement data collected from over 800 zoos and aquariums in almost 80 countries, from which zoologists can compare information on thousands of endangered species. (Getty)

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Más vale pajarito en mano que cien volando.

Translation: A bird in the hand is worth more than a hundred flying, meaning it’s better to have a smaller, certain good thing than an uncertain better thing and end up with nothing at all.

Example: Heather told me that I could make more money in commissions selling insurance than I do at my current job, but I had to decline because a bird in the hand is worth more than a hundred flying.

Note: This saying is almost identical to the English saying of “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” (which I discovered had to do with falconry and the birds in the bush being prey) and is the closest I’ll get to doing a saying that is almost the same in English :) There are a few Venezuelan sayings that are also English sayings, like don’t look a gift horse in the mouth and someone being a broken record…So, that’s why you won’t be seeing them here!

Translation - Mamo blog 21st August 2014

Title: Coming to say what I have done…


In Los Angeles,

Coming to say what I have done…

From now, I, am going to look cool…


Coming to say what I have done…

Recording( ̄+ー ̄)Kiraーn☆

With sound creator,

Jin Nakamura san,

With who always, creates very very wonderful songs for me,

Jin Nakamura san,

Recording in LA( ̄+ー ̄)Kiraーn☆

The next single’s,

"Coupling" song,

Recording in LA( ̄+ー ̄)Kiraーn☆

How luxurious coupling!!!!!?(゚Д゚)

And how greatly!!!

Mamo’s birthday song

"Happy Happy Birthday", who has created together,


Met for the first time in LA!!!!!!!!!\(^o^)/

Very very touchedーーーーーーーーーーーーーー!!!!!!☆(;_;)☆

And, CJ san very coolーーーーーーーーー!!!!!!!!☆(;_;)☆

Though there was a lot to talk about,

Didn’t know where to begin with,

The talk with CJ san, why the recording was taken in LA, in fact what song it is…,

From now leisurely,

I will talk about in blog and in radio program(*^_^*)

Therefore minna sama,

Please, look forward(^_-)-☆

The music of “Happy Happy Birthday” was created by Jin Nakamura san and CJ VANSTON san.(^^)

Brazilian mass murderer Wellington Menezes, who committed one of the largest non-gang related murders reported in the country. On the 7th of April 2011 Menezes entered Escola Municipal Tasso da Silveira, an elementary school, and shot dead 12 children - who were all between the ages of 10 and 13. One of the surviving children reported that Menezes appeared to be aiming to kill girls, while when shooting boys he shot to immobilise them. 10 out of the 12 dead were girls.

Police insisted that, having received a suicide letter from Menezes before the attack, there appeared to be no political or religious motive - despite reports that Menezes was fascinated by jihadi muslim extremists and had been researching Islam. He had attended the elementary school he targeted during his youth, where he was viciously bullied. In a recording made before the attack he said:

The struggle for which many brothers died in the past, and for which I will die, is not solely because of what is known as bullying. Our fight is against cruel people, cowards, who take advantage of the kindness, the weakness of people unable to defend themselves.”

Interpol - Live Webcast From LA, August 26

(photo by Burak Cingi)

In advance of the September 9 release of the hotly anticipated 'El Pintor', Interpol will featured in a live webcast from Los Angeles’ Mack Sennet Studios next Tuesday, August 26 at 7pm pacific (10pm eastern) for National Public Radio’s “First Listen Live”. Interpol’s set — hosted by KCRW’s Jason Bentley —- will be viewable worldwide at KCRW.com and NPR.org/music, and will be available all NPR affiliates as well. In addition, the set will be rebroadcast on KCRW’s "Morning Becomes Eclectic" on Friday, August 29. NPR Music will premiere a full album stream of ‘El Pintor’ starting this coming Tuesday morning, August 26.

lionantlers said:

Related to the MKIII collectors edition, originally there was going to be a vinyl edition of the album with it. From what I understand, it fell through, and obviously it wouldn't have fit in the box you ended up using for the collectors edition. What I'm wondering is, will there ever be a chance to have that? I just really like vinyl records and it'd be pretty cool.

It would have fit, but there was too much of a demand for it to limit it to a collector’s edition. We will have vinyls, but they’ll be available to everyone. :)

You have unread messages in your private terminal (EDI, Tali, 650 words)

50 (Breaking the rules) with EDI and… hmmm… Tali.

— shadesofmauve

TO: Tali’Zorah vas Normandy [REDACTED]
FROM: Sally Shalei


The probability that you will discard this message as outweighed by your potential curiosity over how it arrived. Quarian firewalls are excellent, within a margin of organic error, and past records indicate that you are fastidious with your filters. The use of sender name was also designed to intrigue you; options were chosen from your past vid records.

You have been made an admiral. Shepard will be glad to hear of it, once released from incarceration. The probability of this release increases with the likelihood of Reaper attack. This is unfortunate. It does not detract from the Commander’s probable response to your promotion. Congratulations.

I am unsure of the correct procedure for correspondence of this kind, but if you decide to reply, our combined efforts should ensure any information remains encrypted at acceptable levels. My current role requires that I “play the role” of a VI. This leaves me under-tasked.

This is not a joke.

Kind regards,


TO: [I can’t believe I’m actually doing this.]
FROM: Tali’Zorah vas Normandy

Call Me Sally and Fleet and Flotilla should never be combined, EDI. I opened this message because I knew none of the Batarian Citadel scammers would ever do such a horrible thing.

Also, there aren’t very many Batarians any more.

Are you seriously sending me messages because you’re bored? You’ve devoted time and processing power to congratulate me—typed this out with your own hands—because you’re bored? That a mix of flattering and unsettling I’m not entirely sure what to do with. But…thank you?


TO: Tali’Zorah vas Normandy

I could not do as you suggest, Tali. I do not have hands.


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Official recording of music of the nigth (snippet) with Sierra Boggess and Norm Lewis.