Forest Haiku X

by Rebecca Lawton

Deep in the forest

life is made, while I deal death

with sweeps of my pen

photographer: Caroline Dattner Blankstein


poet: Rebecca Lawton 

Rebecca Lawton on Caroline Dattner Blankstein’s accompanying photo: “because it has such a green alive heart”



This is what Beth has done throughout her time on the show! ❤
Season Two ❤
- Helped out on Hershel’s Farm ❤
- Overcame Suicide ❤
- Took part in Ricks gun training sessions ❤
- Tried to save Patrica ❤

Season Three
- Survived through a whole winter ❤ (everyone did)
- Helped clear the walkers in the prison grounds - Didn’t give up hope when Hershel could of died from the leg amputation ❤
- Took on the role as Judith’s mother at only 17
- Stopped a fight between Merle, Glenn and Michonne ❤
- Sang The Parting Glass and Hold On to create a nice atmosphere and give hope for the survivors ❤
- Help protect the fences from Walkers ❤

Season Four
- Protected Judith and the kids when the mysterious flu hit the prison ❤
- Supported Michonne when she felt like she didn’t belong with the group ❤
- Lost her father to the governor but still fought back against his mini army ❤
- Got survivors on the prison bus too escape ❤
- Even after losing her father and home she still had hope that their was a reason to live and that team family was still out there ❤
- She saved Daryl from doing anything stupid; showing him that the apocalypse isn’t all doom and gloom ❤
- She distracted a small group of walkers from invading her and Daryl’s camp ❤
- She can take care of herself ❤
- She learned how to hunt, track and use the crossbow from Daryl ❤

Season Five
- Beth inspires Daryl into becoming a good man and a better person as we see through his actions and words ❤
- Helped Joan have her arm amputated ❤
- Caused the deaths of two officers including Gorman by smashing a jar over him causing Walker Joan to finish him off ❤
- She proves to be not afraid of Walkers as she takes down over 10 via headshot aswell as curve stomping and kicking ❤
- Saves Noah’s life ❤
- Stands up against Dawn making her realize that no one is coming for their rescue ❤
- Takes beatings from Dawn and doesn’t cry or flinch ❤
- Almost kills Dr Edwards ❤
- Saves Carols life ❤
- Saves Dawns life by pushing Officer O'Donnell down the elevator ❤
- Stands up against Dawn for the people of Grady Memorial, Noah and herself which results in her death ❤
- Tyreese hallucinates Beth’s image as he dies and she reassures him that everything will be ok ❤

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Just Try To Tear Her Down! Darren Criss Shines in Hedwig And The Angry Inch

Just Try To Tear Her Down! Darren Criss Shines in Hedwig And The Angry Inch

Credit: Joan Marcus

Gutsy, ballsy, and full of sass. Not only is this how we are first introduced to Hedwig in the current Broadway production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, but it also perfectly describes the show as a whole. Throw in a ton of empathy, a bucket load of heart, and Stephen Trask’s music and lyrics that either have you rocking out in your seat or crying a flood of tears and you can…

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