Creative juices on overdrive

I have so many things going on in my head right now. Everything seems to be coming out in a jumble. This is for me to cross out, because I like crossing things off a list

  • Married Tom and Abby (Honeymoon)
  • For the love of God, finish Tom on Top Gear so I can scrub my brain
  • Super secret Tom and Abby that only rogue347​ knows about
  • Tom and Kristiane - but must I? It might hurt.
  • Next Chapter of Business or Pleasure - figure out how to tell this story and do it already
  • Loki thing (OMG!! Save me.) based on writeandwronged​ prompt HERE
  • Smut Tropes: Tom/Abby, Tom/Kristiane, Tom/Kat - Reader choice? You tell me
  • Super secret fluffy surprise (New Character? Maybe…)
  • Finish the last of the 100 Drabble challenge, because it’s really annoying that there are only 7 left and then those can be done too: Baby, Weather, Poison, Contagion, Puppy, Needles and Frail 

Am I forgetting anything?