THE KID: Depicting Social Determinism Through Hyperrealistic Sculpture and Drawings By  THE KID

THE KID: 22 years old, of Dutch and Brazilian parentage and a self-educated contemporary artist. Through the medium of his artwork, this young artist questions notions of ”social determinism and the thin frontier between innocence and corruption.” Truly remarkable in its exposition and finesse, his body of work is one that challenges the viewer to consider issues such as human tragedy, injustice, bias and intolerance.

THE KID uses a quote from Oscar Wilde’s ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray

In an interview with the art reference journal Boum!Bang!, the artist describes how he was affected by experiences at school in which he was victimised by both peers and teachers (at a younger age, one’s way of interpreting the world is often limited to school and home). In the interview, he talks about how he was able to identify with the Columbine High School massacre and how he understands – to a degree – the actions of the two perpetrators (Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold). He views them not as monsters but more as victims of specific social conditions and considers their actions the consequence of a kind of social despair. In fact, the sculpture ”Do you believe in God?” (at least one Columbine victim is purported to have been asked ”Do you believe in God?” by their killer, hence the name of the artwork), actually represents in the position of a Columbine killer. Contrasting violence with desperation, the sculpture made of silicon, fibre glass, metal, human hair, oil painting and other varied materials, depicts a kneeling figure preparing to shoot himself in the mouth.


Frank Magnotta

Frank Magnotta. “I’m not really daunted by blank paper. I do a lot of prep work before I start so I usually have a good idea of which direction I want to go in. Maybe it is my mathematical or sculptural background, but I really think concretely about what I’m going to do before beginning. I admire people who can just go off on blank paper; personally I don’t think that way. After planning I usually sketch a structural framework on the paper to give me guides to work and play with.”

Frank Magnotta creates intricate new worlds in pencil. Frank mixes all sorts of cultural icons and influences into his gray scale pieces, he blend them in through typography and perfectly executed perspective.