And here’s progress how I do my 1-2 hour doodles, since some of you were interested seeing that. I’ll describe how I did my pic of Ash (numbered image), since it have the most progress images (and I use Photoshop CC). The same progress was used at other two drawings. Size of doodles is A4 format.

1. Grey rough sketch | 2. Adding colors on Soft Light and Overlay layers. Rough detailing | 3. Detailing with Hard Round Pressure Opacity brush (I change Hardness from 0-80%) | 4. Changing expression | 5-6. Detailing with Hard Round Pressure Opacity brush (settings the same as before) | 7. Adding glow around him on Screen layer. Adding textures on his shirt with textured brushes | 8. Smudging | 9. Finished painting (added more filters such as Contrast, Levels, Selective Color…and color changing with Overlay layer…also Lens Correction, Smart Sharpen and Noise).

"Expecto Patronum!"

I don’t know where this idea came from but I think I should blame thank petercapaldme and cardinalcapaldi and their HP AU