Slum Redevelopment In Mumbai                           

Bloomberg photographer Dhiraj Singh documented Omkar Realtors & Developers Pvt.’s slum redevelopment at the company’s Crescent Bay project in the Paral area of Mumbai. He photographed the surrounding slum and ongoing construction, and paid a visit to the Pingle family, former slum dwellers and now residents in a finished Omkar housing block.

Omkar is playing an important role in Mumbai’s plan to do something about its enormous and embarrassing problem: at least 6.5 million slum dwellers, still living without running water, private toilets or the basics of sanitation.

When finished, Crescent Bay will have six luxury towers with million-dollar apartments overlooking the Arabian Sea, coupled with free housing nearby for all the slum dwellers with rights to the land. Omkar currently have 12 projects under way having completed 12 slum redevelopments with 40,000 residents rehoused so far.

“I may have married into a slum, but my daughter won’t go back to one,” Mrs Pingle said. “She will only go forward.” 

Read the Bloomberg News story by Bhuma Shrivastava and Sheridan Prasso.

Photographer: Dhiraj Singh/Bloomberg

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