This song reminded me of Fiddleford. Then again, this song reminds me of anything that is even somewhat creepy, but i think that Gravity Falls is a more fitting thing then FNAF.
I rewatched all of the important episodes of Gravity Falls today.
Ok, so maybe all of them are important, but i mean the ones that could involve the Mystery Trio in any way.
Well, i got some feels when watching The Blind Eye Society, so yeah.
The song caption is “Paranoid Android” by Radiohead.


Do what you want.  Give it a whirl. Radiohead, Lotus Flower.

anonymous asked:

what's your opinion on jonny comparing guitar enthusiasts to vacuum cleaner collectors and that guitars "all sound the same"?

Jonny’s disdain for guitar worship by no means new, and it is well placed. In my opinion, the single most important characteristic of an electric guitar is that inspires you to play. This could be the look of the guitar, the particular tonal response of the pickups, or how it feels to play it. Claims that particular pickups and “tone-woods” will more accurately replicate the sound of a ‘54 Strat are great for selling boutique guitar, but they’re putting massive emphasis on unimportant, often inaudible subtleties.

He’s exaggerating to make a point, but not by all that much. The only difference between any solid-body and semi-hollow* electric guitars is the pickups. Which there are a few pickups out there with odd frequency responses, most of them fall into a very specific range, with only very slight variation between them. Either way, though, those differences can be replicated quite easily by adjusting the EQ of an amp or using and EQ pedal.

The point is, electric guitars sound like electric guitars. Stop trying to find miniscule differences between different ones and start making music.


*The solid center block of semi-hollow electric guitars causes it to function identically to a solid-body electric. If you really do hear any difference between a Les Paul and an ES335 (which is pretty hard in a blind test), it’s because the pickups are wound slightly difference. The resonating chamber of true hollow-body electric guitars does contribute to their sound (proof that this resonance affects the vibration of the strings in that hollow-body guitars are extremely prone to feedback when the gain is turned up). Many guitarists would tape over the f-holes to prevent this feedback, thus defeating any contribution to sound that the guitar itself may have given. They are lighter than solid-body guitars, though, so that’s a reason in itself to use them.

We’ve done a couple of months of recording, and it has gone really well. We haven’t listened to anything back yet, so at the moment we’re all very happy. Now, I guess we’re going to go and listen to what we’ve done and see if we were right to be so happy. But we left it at a good place when we last stopped.

We’ve certainly changed our method again. It’s too involved [to explain how]. We’re kind of limiting ourselves; working in limits. So we’ll see what happens. It’s like we’re trying to use very old and very new technology together to see what happens.

—  Jonny Greenwood about the new album http://bit.ly/1LO48dp
15 albums to be excited about in 2015
  1. Tame Impala, TBA
  2. Lana Del Rey, Honeymoon
  3. Purity Ring, Another Eternity
  4. Sky Ferreira, TBA
  5. Solange, TBA
  6. Laura Marling, Short Movie
  7. Sufjan Stevens, Carrie & Lowell
  8. Bjork, Vulnicura
  9. Deathcab For Cutie, Kintsugi
  10. Radiohead, TBA
  11. Grimes, TBA
  12. The xx, TBA
  13. Florence + The Machine, TBA
  14. Frank Ocean, TBA
  15. Adele, TBA