I was tagged by gentlemansscars

You can tell alot about a person by the music they listen to, put your music on shuffle, don’t skip a song and list 10 then tag 10 people.

1.1969-The stooges
2.something I can never have-Nine inch nails
3.everybody’s gonna be happy-the kinks
4.who loves the sun- the velvet underground
5.got me wrong- alice in chains
6. Five on the five- the raconteurs
7.I wonder- blind melon
8.the crunge- led zeppelin
9.orgasm-porno for pyros
10.age of consent- new order

I’d love to see what the following are listening to:
lady-redrum, smoke-and-iron , daveybaby , mattneilreed , vicious-seamonkey , borndumb , zombieluck ,
the-altar , codyfuckinjames , thatguythatlookslikejesus .


And maybe I just don’t see the reason
But in the corner of my heart your ignorance is treason.

And there’s always another point of view
A better way to do the things we do
And how can you know me
And I know you.
If nothing is true

You think you know how I feel
Its not that big of a deal
There’s no such thing its not real