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140828 CNBLUE - Radio PV Full [From their 3rd Japanese album WAVE]

cr: warnermusicjapan

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E-girls / Highschool ♡ love

福山 潤「気になるアイツはポンチョ~ヌ」


im going to sleep, you guys should send me funny pick up lines or jokes/puns in my ask on anon or not so when i wake up, i can laugh.


you can write me a michael imagine/blurb on whatever you choose in my ask on anon or not so when i wake up, i can cry.

please do one or the other or both? idk i love you guys good night xx

Anime yuri possible in October

1 Sora No Method:It is an original series so not much information but we have your Sakai Masayuki who was in the great series Strawberry Panic! and also have a Manga created by Yuka Namisaki. But the manga is an adaptation of the anime and not the reverse. (taking Masayuki Sakoi we can expect some yuri) trailer


GirlFriend (kari):Not much information to where it is a game or rather a visual novel that became very famous, we find the game for mobile and could become yuri that is in question here are a trailer


Yuru Yuri Nachiyachumi !: Best known as Yuru Yuri all know this beautiful series with its slight content yuri xD but has not so much to say just now arriving Ova


Strike WitchesOperation Victory Arrow: Known as Strike Witches but not many know is a great series with mild yuri content but very good Suffice to say for those who know comes a Ova


A preview of my music video “A Time For Us” (Romeo and Juliet) will be up on Universal Music’s YouTube channel!!

So happy to be able to share a snippet so soon! Hope you’ll enjoy my interpretation of this timeless number :)

明日「A Time For Us〜永遠の愛」のPVがユニバーサルミュージックのYouTubeより少し流れます!

こんなに早くシェア出来てとても嬉しいです(*^^*)皆さんに聴いて見て頂ければ幸せです❤️ 歌、ヴァイオリン、作曲でSarahのロミジュリを表現してみました。


1.Whats your name? Yusra

2. Whats your birthday? 19th feb 

3. Where are you from? Birmingham, England

4. Do you have a crush? yes 

5. Favourite colour? purple

6. Write something in CAPS. IM HUNGRY.

7. Favourite band/artists- drake, partynextdoor, the weeknd etc 

8. Favorite Number? 21 

9. Favourite drink? water, diet coke

10. Tag 10 people

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