I love you but I’m lost (x)

get a load of this

i just came across this blog that shal rename nameless and the title was “A depressed blog for depressed teens” so out of pure curiosity, i give it a look. the entire blog is gifs/pictures all about how shitty you are, how worthless you are, self harm, (literally i saw gifs of people cutting themselves) oh and its all black and white of course (cause black and white is like a depressy color) and just text posts about how nobody likes you and you hate yourself, etc.. i mean wtf is that? how on earth would that blog help anyone. why would a depressed person want to check out that blog? to get more depressed? its fucking sick if you ask me. OH and they self promote on all their pictures and its like “DEPRESSION BLOG” all bold lettered with like broken hearts around it that i dont even know how to type.. smh. i just dont get that at all.. how stupid yuh know? idk why but that shit works me up man. 

(Blacklist spoiler below)

"Red Reddington will learn that the hard way when a ruthless female Mossad agent who’s been hunting him for some time finally tracks him down." (x)

ruthless female Mossad agent

hahahahahahahahahahahahaha how about NO

I mean we’ll probably just grow to love her and maybe she’ll fall in love with Donald and then 8 seasons later he’ll spend months searching for her and then finally find her only she’ll decide to stay in freaking ISRAEL even though it destroys the entire past 8 seasons of character development and basically in conclusion I hate everything.

Peter Capaldi is superb as the Doctor in this episode, he portrays authority, horror, disgust and amazement as events unfold around him so quickly he struggles to get a handle on them, but, as always, you get the feeling that he’s a step ahead. The clarity in his performance – channelling William, Jon, Tom in huge doses and Sylv – is zingingly pitch perfect and his reaction to Clara’s “appeal” is so Doctor it will make you punch the air.

i just watched death proof. heres my review:

  • very good
  • makes me want to go outside and kick and punch the air
  • what happened to yellow girl
  • there could have potentially been lesbians in this movie, im not sure. im going to go ahead and just assume everyone was a lesbian, as per usual
  • 10/10
  • should have had a longer part where the guy was getting beaten up. also he should have cried more. at least 5 more minutes of the guy getting beaten up and crying

Hey, can I just say…for the first time in probably about two years, I haven’t felt depressed at any point during the day.

Holy fuck. Is this what it’s like? This is amazing. I can’t. Gosh. I feel like my heart has been covered in dirt, sick and forgotten. And now it’s clean, unsullied, and it shines.

I am still tired, though. And my head isn’t on full-form. And I’m starting psychotherapy tomorrow to punch through psychological trip-wires that might send me back down again. But that’ll be ok…hopefully.

Also, depression’s a bit like mapcrunch. You wander for ages and ages, convinced you’ll never find the airport…but one day you do. And it’s like, ‘HOLY FUCK LSMKDVUEUMFMC I FOUND THE AIRPORT!!’ We can all find the airport. There is an airport. Even in Antarctica, or the Australian outback. It’ll be there.