AH ahhh ah aha h [sweats] you have no idea how nervous I am about this. Don’t hurt me please I’m just a sad meme who only wants to make people happy ok I don’t want any trouble please forgive my sins.

also these are a bit old, not recent. they’ve been aging in my folders.

like whine.

I can understand like if you just don’t like a character I mean yeah they just don’t resonate with you okay. But oh man the Worst Thing I have seen in regards to Ghirahim is it’s not that he’s disliked, it’s that he is severely misunderstood and underestimated (and it’s worse when they do like him but it’s for these wrong reasons!!!). ssssooo many times when trying to talk about him with people I essentially hear that to them he’s demoted to little more than a crack character. And yeah I enjoy making fun of him bc yes he is fucking ridiculous and dramatic but wow is that not nearly all he is, and I get seriously sad when I try and talk about him in an in-depth way and people just do not get it at all and derail it back to him being bizarre and sexual. 

This is another reason why ghiralink is so horribly cast aside, when I bring it up with people they immediately shut me down like “I don’t see it” or “it’s a crack pairing” and I’m like… quite obviously they are only looking at it like lmao sex and Ghirahim being a diva/stupid and messing with Link and holy shit literally 90% of what I love about their relationship does not involve either of those things at all??

There is so much happening with Ghirahim’s character that I can (and have) gone on for hours about it so I don’t get how people just balk at the most shallow of observations and refuse to go in deeper. My favorite writings with him have painted such a strong view of his character, incorporating his aloof, dark, arrogant, manipulative traits in a way that gave him such dimension but gets so pushed aside. Like there is so much to think about with him: he’s a demon/sword spirit so his culture and way of thinking would be so different than humans and he’s immortal so whoa, he has a strong personality filled with malevolence and intimidation and violence but he’s so incredibly civil and polite and has a sense of fair play how tf does this work, he obviously is very emotional so what is his range of emotion and how does he express them, look at his fucking character development throughout the game omfg, where did he come from, what did he do while alone for a thousand years, he’s ‘’evil’’ but why, why did he act the way he did in-game, how does the Master-Servant bond work– oh man I could go on forever. And YET, practically the only thing people choose to focus on is: lol he’s funny/creepy omg he touched Link. GGGGHFGDHJF

I just want to tear my hair out because the assumptions people make are so so so so off base and Ghirahim fucking deserves better.

I didn’t expect Zayn to stand up for Louis or anything. Just like before. Because really, Nasty Boy is a bully and Zayn knew that.

But I really didn’t expect to have my heart break into a million pieces because Zayn dragged Louis.

I feel like Zayn attacked me, like idk??

We need a peacemaker in here.


When you totally use your birthday power to make people do what you want… because, come on, it’s your birthday!