Recycled Motor Oil Pool Reflects The Stunning Architecture of Switzerland’s Bellelay Abbey

Switzerland’s Bellelay Abbey is featuring two enigmatic pools of recycled motor oil, which reflect the stunning architecture of the grand, ornate chapel. A contrast to its white-washed environment, the glassy black pools mirror in detail the building’s beauty The juxtaposition lends itself to the purity and prestige of the building. Unlike water reflects, the oil pool allows viewers to appreciate a vivid, clear image with no glare. Along with its aesthetic value, the oil pools offer Bellelay Abbey a serene and poised atmosphere. 

I’m asked all of the time what my favorite beauty products are and these are the ones I cannot live without.
The wet n wild pencil and prestige bronzer are what I use for my eyebrows (I’m asked that question the most)
I use the Tarte concealer under my eyes, and I will never ever use anything else.
As for my spin brush, I use it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. It comes with an exfoliating brush, a cleansing brush, a large body brush and a pumice stone. I’ve had numerous people tell me they bought it and love it! (www.vanityplanet.com use code AR4CLEAN to grab it for $30 - Usually priced at about $100) if you want to give it a try!

the signs as my favorite movies

Aries: Bladerunner

Taurus: Princess Mononoke

Gemini: Gone Girl

Cancer: Atonement

Leo: Snatch

Virgo: A Good Woman

Libra: Pursuit of Happyness

Scorpio: Memento

Sagittarius: The Prestige

Capricorn: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Aquarius: Cloud Atlas

Pisces: Pan’s Labyrinth 

          - (Tia)

izzyghizzy asked:

How about something simple, like our gemsonas meeting for the first time? I know you have a few gemsonas so just go with whoever. If you have a idea that you think is better please tell me. Also, could you start? Sorry, but I'm not the best at starting rps. ((I promise I'll get better, I just have not done this in a while))

(Okay here’s the start-)

Sunstone was beside himself with anger. His skill was being wasted on retaining what was probably just a rogue, cracked Gem of some kind. Typical of dim-witted Homeworld Gems to assign someone of his standing and prestige to an Earth mission. Then again, the ancient war on Earth had been brutal and had taken Morganite from him… He stared irritatedly ahead with warm orange eyes.

Prestige Class: Myrmidon


Role: Combatant

Classes: Monk, Warrior, Hunter, Shaman, Rogue

Myrmidons are the answer to most of the troubles found at sea. They are strong, quick, and excellent in any sort of a fight. They sport lighter plate armor and round shields that are used for offense as well as defense. Most recently they have been used to combat increased pirate activity and the ever growing threat of Nazjatar.

Bonus: +10HP, increases max damage by +2 and mod damage by +2. When at sea, they gain an additional +2 max damage.

Bonus Skills:

Hydra-Skin Cloak[Passive]: Myrmidons can survive blows that would normally slay any warrior. When faced with blow that would normally kill them, they may roll 1d20 and a 15+ will negate the damage of the attack. +5 on the first attempt.

Sea-Hunter’s Strength[1]: Myrmidons can call upon the power that has made them famous. For three turns their max damage is increased by +5 and all crit damage is increased by +5.

l-ukeshaw you bring up the caste system,yet you fundamentally ignored other parts of India’s history that includes colonization and subjugation to British rule. Where white supremacy was a worldwide construct. The fact that white people colonized in the first place was based off a doctrine that stated that other cultures that weren’t white, from Southern Asian countries to African countries to South American countries, were backwards wrong and barbaric. You can’t be racist to white people because the context in which we exist is completely different. Nobody calls us thugs and systemically kills us because of their internalized prejudice. Nobody doesn’t hire us because our names are too “othered”. Having social power doesn’t mean your going to have more money or more prestige, it just means you have more chances of upward mobility. Look at Baltimore. You know the reason they have such a high minority population? Its because Baltimore was a place that black people could go live in and work for low wages, bc they had no work skills and education following the Emancipation Proclamation. Which left them free, but without any tools to make a life for themselves. With no proper tools to elevate themselves in society, how in the hell do you expect them to be able to escape poverty???? That cycle from 19th century has carried on today. These large minority groups exist in climates where they don’t have proper tools. Yeah they have schools, how can the schools pay for books and computer labs and libraries??? Balitmore is but a small microcosmic example of a huge system that exists worldwide of not only racism,but of colorism and antiblackness. And even now what I am saying to you a a teeny tiny bit of the influence the white supremacy has wrecked on this world. Dont say racism against whites exists bc a white got their feelings got hurt being called cracker>

Sweet Escape || CLOSED

John Smith rolled over in bed, his arms naturally wrapping around the body next to him. What had once been frail and flimsy arms were tough and muscular and dabbled with a few tattoos. Being the infamous ‘Doctor’, leader of a prestige mafia group, didn’t meant he could indulge in his pleasure- his girl, Clara Oswald. She was his escape from the Mafia world and into the real one where everyone else went about their lives. He nuzzled into the crook of her neck, curling around her in his sleep protectively.

Who is Fiore Marchesi?

By far the most asks I received were about Fio and who he is, but it’s been a really busy weekend for me with traveling and errands and so on, so this took longer than I wanted.  I finally got some time to sit down and sort through my inbox, so hopefully I’ve answered all your questions, and if not, just send me another message : )  

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