Companions that I want in a future Dragon Age game:

  • An Avvar barbarian. They’re one of the coolest bits of the setting that are never tapped, and I’m still sad that the Human Barbarian origin got cut from the first game. I’d want a fierce berserker who likes to preach the glory of Haakon Wintersbreath and the Mountain-Father, and gets into frequent disputes with Andrastian “lowlander heathens.” Lock the romance to humans and dwarves only.
  • A Nevarran Reaver. Yes, I know Cassandra is from Nevarra, but she rejects that heritage; I want someone who is a proud dragon-slayer, willing to do anything to further their own prestige. You could have an awesome noble/savage dichotomy with this character, between their refined family and their brutal profession.
  • Ketojan, or someone like him. I don’t care how you do it. Just give me my precious baby.
  • A Rivaini spirit healer. Rivain never really converted to the Andrastian faith very well, and their mages learn the art of spirit healing (possession by benevolent spirits) within their Circles. They also have a fair population of humans who follow the Qun, which is pretty neat.
  • A dwarf from Kal-Sharok. Nothing quite like a thousand years of complete isolation from the surface and a burning hatred of the dwarves from Orzammar. Add in a dose of the heavily-implied darkspawn taint and you’re good to go.
  • A darkspawn disciple. They’re confirmed to survive even if you killed The Architect, and it would be fascinating to see one presented sympathetically.
If you become a doctor for wealth or prestige, you are going to live a sad and angry life. Happy doctors feel chosen to fulfill a purpose.

I want to get famous and not like for fame or anything like that but I want to get so well known and have so much prestige that I could paint GIANT shitty pictures and give them to people but because I made it they’d hang it on their wall they’d have these giant shitty paintings all over their house I would ruin EVERYTHING about their decor but I’d be so famous they’d have the nerve to be proud like “hey you see that beautiful 50x50 acrylic painting on the wall? the one of the pirate with an ass for a face? isn’t is beautiful? It’s worth $100000000000 dollars”

Over the last several decades, colleges have learned how they can strategically use their institutional aid dollars to increase both their prestige and revenue. With the exception of the most elite schools, nearly all private, nonprofit colleges provide merit aid, often to the detriment of the low-income students they enroll. Many less well-endowed schools provide deep discounts to affluent students because they believe they must do so to survive, while other fairly wealthy colleges use their aid as a competitive weapon, to try to break into the top echelon of schools, as defined by publications such as U.S. News.

like i’ve already made this post but ppl use nonstandard/ “lower prestige” dialects to talk down to others & assert themselves as superior it’s sociological, appropriating aave is racist and classist af and it acknowledges that you think people who talk like that are ignorant/uneducated/etc etc


About a year ago, I released a book called Viva La Pizza! The Art of the Pizza Box. It’s all about pizza boxes. History, art, technology…everything. The artists, the history of iconic images…everything. I ended up collecting so many pizza boxes in researching the book that I applied for, and received, a Guinness World Record.

It’s fun an all, but just because you have a world record doesn’t mean you’re in the Guinness Book of World Records. Only a chosen few get that level of prestige. I’m proud to announced that I have achieved that level. I got an email a couple days ago letting me know that I’m in the book and it’s already on shelves across the planet. It’s real. I saw it with my own eyes. I’m on Page 90.