New Streetpass games as well as Premium Mii-Related Content

During today’s Nintendo Direct it has been confirmed that two new StreetPass Mii Plaza games are being released.

StreetPass Fishing is as the title suggests, a fishing-based title. You’ll find 150 fishes and monsters contained within streetpassing with someone nets you different bait to help you catch all 150 fish.

StreetPass Zombies on the other hand is an action game where you defend the town of Hobbyville from a zombie invasion using 26 different crazy weapons which you collect from different people you streetpass with.

In addition to these two new games, there will also be a StreetPass Premium mode to download. Using this, you can add additional information relating to your Mii, such as the date of your birthday plus you can also store up to 100 close friends in a special “VIP” room and special Mii characters to.

These three additional pieces of content will cost £4.99 each.

I Call Bullshit;  #Tidal for Y'all

Dear Jay Z

You can’t bullshit a bullshitter.

One of my pet peeves is a person, or an entity taking me for a hot damn, cotton picking fool. It insults my intelligence when you assume I’ll take everything you say at face value and neglect to apply logic to the information being presented.

[This is the reason I get so riled up about the Equal Pay movement, because again, an entity, the Government, thinks basic math and statistics eludes me. But that’s an argument for another day.]
Last night Jay Z and friends took to the internet with the hashtag #TidalforAll, sparking interest for the launch of his Streaming service. A few minutes ago in the anticipated press conference, Jay Z launched his new platform, “Tidal”, a streaming service owned by artists, I suppose also “For them?” A musical brand of “Fubu”, if you will. This move was expected, as it was reported in 2014 that Jay purchased the streaming service for $56 million.

The presentation was a discombobulation of awkward photo opps, artists boosting of their own egos, and vaguely alluding to the product, which was constantly referred to as “innovative”, as if two other highly successful streaming platforms don’t already exist. A less than eloquent keynote address by Alicia Keys consisted of irrelevant quotes being spewed from Hendricks, to Nieztsche, in an effort to signal the importance of art in human society, blah blah blah. There was mention of the product offering superior sound quality [?], and Jay Z’s insisting that a plethora of people saught out to know “What took so long”

… no one asked you that, Sean. Not a single fucking soul.

So here’s my gripe.

1. It seems to me that Jay Z and a bunch of his rich ass friends got up and decided that they weren’t going to take Spotify’s shit anymore, and basically do it on their own, picking our pockets in the process. According to a conversation I had last year with Indie artist How to Dress Well, Spotify pays artists a mere $30 per 1 million listens [don’t quote me or Tom on this]. And I get it, that fucking sucks, but no one stops to think that despite this, Spotify is still losing money by the buckets?

2. Stop trying to bullshit us you rich assholes! The artists endorsing the product kept incessantly making vague references, neglecting to list any added value, competitive features, [aside from superior sound quality?], or how it differs from what’s already out there; so pray, what was the expected reaction? That your band of loyal street folk would simply follow based on the strength of our loyalty to you, and the fact that you’re Jay Z [et al]? Also, who has EVER complained about the digital sound quality of Pandora, Spotify, or even some janky shit like Soundcloud?

3. And lastly, Jay Z, you had billions of dollars on the stage at that press conference, looking miserable and uninterested like their damn Aunty forced them to take a family photo. Instead of using that to lobby current streaming platforms like Pandora and Spotify, you’ve decided to disrupt the status quo, and fuck all the shit up for the rest of us? And you then had the nerve to charge DOUBLE for your INFERIOR, untested product?

Note; Tidal will cost customers $20 per month for “exlusive content”. That’s more than I currently pay for Netflix and Spotify combined.
See, this why I can’t Stand niggas.

Word of advice, this is a new era. No one is asking artists to work for free, but hop off your high horse and work for your money like regular indie artists do. Stream on Spotify for pennies, get exposure, then go on tour and make tens of thousands per show. You people will get no sympathy from me.



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Today, Spotify and Sony Network Entertainment International LLC (SNEI) will launch an exclusive music experience, making it easier than ever for gamers to enjoy their favorite tracks whilst playing their favorite games.

That’s right, the best in music is playing co-op with the best in gaming. So whether you’re diving off Parisian rooftops, battling the evil of Crota or playing Barcelona at the Camp Nou, you’re in charge of the soundtrack.

Soundtrack your game

  • With background listening on your PlayStation®4 (PS4™ system), you can soundtrack your gaming sessions with your favorite tracks (not available on PlayStation™Now or using Remote Play). You might die a few times at the hands (or claws) of memorably terrifying monsters in the critically-acclaimed action RPG Bloodborne™, so why not do it to the music of your choice? Upbeat pop, thumping hip-hop, soothing classical…with over 30 million tracks, we’ve got you covered either way.

On-demand music

  • Enjoy all your favorite tunes on-demand. Pick one of your favorites from Your Music or Browse to find the perfect playlist for every mood and moment. We’ve even got a set of new gaming playlists for you.

No need to pause

  • Spotify Connect* lets you skip tracks or turn up the music using your mobile device or tablet, without ever having to interrupt your gaming experience.

We know music has always been a big part of gaming and are excited to take the experience to a whole new level. With today’s launch, we’re bringing back that magic of gaming with music - all in a beautifully designed and smooth experience that looks great on your big screen.

We have worked closely with Sony Network Entertainment to build an entirely new music experience which doesn’t just sound awesome, but also looks great on your TV and handles smoothly using the DUALSHOCK® wireless controller. On your PS4™ system, simply hit the PS button to access Spotify from the main menu, or hold it down to enter the quick menu, letting you pause, skip, and turn up the volume whilst playing select games - without ever missing a beat.

Spotify on PlayStation™ Music will roll out to your PS43™ and PS43™ systems console today and will also be available on Xperia™** smartphones and tablets.

Ready to play? Get started at www.spotify.com/playstation.


* Spotify Free and Premium users can use Spotify Connect to control the Spotify app on PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®3 using Android devices 2.4.0 and later and iOS devices 2.7.0 and later.

** Download or update the Spotify app using Google Play.