Day 353 - Zugaidos | ズガイドス | Cranidos (Shiny)

Modern day Zugaidos live in the canyons, hiding away from the rest of civilization. They need the room to train their heads. The rocky exterior is no joke, they can ram into large boulders and reduce it to rubble.

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Day 338 - Mega Erureido | メガエルレイド | Mega Gallade

Erureido takes its dancing background and combines it with its affinity with swordsmanship. Its forearm musculature can extend and harden to a sharp point.

Mega Erureido harnesses the radiation of its Mega Stone and heightens its focus and skill to the peak. Every slash with its powered up forearm blades is followed by a pink light and a high pitched screech. It is a sight to behold.

(P.S. New Pokémon drawings every single day. Commissions always open. animeleepocket@gmail.com)

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Day 350 - Moukazaru | モウカザル | Monferno 

Moukazaru is an uncontrollable ball of fire once it gets worked up. Swinging and jumping about, it’s not a Pokémon you want to annoy. 

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