Spine Doctor appointment

So, talked to the spine doctor this morning and showed him the xrays of my back. He suggests getting a steroid shot in my low back where it is hurting. This will reduce the inflammation and, presumably, take away the pain, which he says will then allow me to keep moving  and doing things, which he agreed with the Chiro I should do.

This is basically what he did to my neck in 2009 and it’s felt pretty good since then.  This is also what I just got done to my shoulder that hurt like a MOFO for a day, but does now feel better than it had before the shot.

I asked about it just covering up the pain and me possibly injuring it worse, and he said it wouldn’t, that if I hurt it again, it would start hurting again.  Not sure how that works, honestly.

I asked if I should wait as long as possible, and he said the more it hurts, the more inflammation there is, and the harder it will be (more shots it will take) to reduce it and get it feeling better. He thought this would just take one shot.

He said the pain isn’t coming from the injury where the bone spurs are, but much lower.  He said the bone spurs are actually stabilizing my back (or trying to) from that childhood injury.

So, I guess what I wanted to hear was him to say to keep doing what I’m doing and it will be fine, but of course, not what I got. :/

I went ahead and scheduled the injection for the 23rd, a week Tuesday.  I don’t suppose there is a big downside to getting it. I won’t suddenly starting bungee jumping or doing anything differently, and there’s a chance I won’t be hurting anymore … at least for a while (will just have to see how that works out).  I hope TO GOD that it doesn’t hurt as bad as that one in my shoulder or I’ll be down flat for a while.



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