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Shandy - Ships in the night

I am doing my makeup and taking a selfie IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LARGEST CLIMATE #PROTEST EVER. I should not be able to do this! At least if I get arrested, my mug shot will look hard femme as fuck.

I’m at the #peoplesclimatemarch IN #NYC. #NYPD isn’t letting the #anticapitalist faction move. Been sitting here for hours. They are trying to weed us out by attrition. Moderates have been marching for over an hour. The nearest public wifi has also been shut down. #acab #climatemarch #fuckthepolice#policestate #ecosocialism

This Mike Brown Story is sickening. For those that don’t know, the cops shot an 17 year old kid because they suspected he stole candy from a store. They shot him 10 times, killing him, then leaving his body in the streets for hours. People from the community protest and rally against the cops and what do they do? Bring military weapons out and police K9’s. I’m sorry, but I was under the impression that police dogs were for sniffing drugs, no? This is crazy. This is what modern day genocide looks like. There is no article on it as of yet, why? Cause Amerikkka don’t care about brown boys and girls. The fact that one has to learn this from twitter says it all. Again, this is modern day genocide. White people are always the quickest ones to defend the cops because they’re not on the receiving end of this bullshit. Telling black people “don’t give the police a reason to fuck with yo black ass” is up there with telling women “don’t wear provocative clothes so you won’t get rapped.” The worst part about all of this is that A: this boy was schedule to start his freshman year of college this upcoming Monday and B: those cops are going to get away with it. John Crawford, Jordan Davis, Sean Bell, Oscar Grant, Andy Cruz, Michael Brown, Amadou Diallo, Darius Simmons, Johnathan Ferrell Trayvon Martin… when does it end? #MikeBrown #Ferguson #Missouri #PoliceBrutality #Cops #YoungBlackTeen #Genocide

This is #JonathanFerrell. Last summer, he crashed his car in Charlotte. He climbed out of his car and started walking in search of help. Police arrived, surrounded the site of the crash and Ofc. Randall Kerrick shot Jonathan multiple times in the chest, killing him. #endpolicebrutality

On April 15, 2014, two College Park white male officers assaulted Mary Hooks. Mary Hooks is a mother, sister, friend, community organizer, and a lover of her people. She witnessed an aggressive and excessive police interaction between 4 officers with their guns drawn and 2 younger Black women pulled over behind her car at a gas station. Mary came their aid by asking the women if they knew their rights and if anyone needed to be contacted.

When the two male officers approached Mary, she assured them she was standing back, she was only videotaping, and placed her hands up. These offices continue toward her, grabbed her and slammed her into the pavement, pushed her head into the ground with their knees, resulting in a scrab on her head and a fractured elbow.

Subsequently, she was arrested, her truck was impounded, and she was charged with obstructing and public disorderly conduct. Both having fines and possible jail time.

On behalf of Mary Hooks, community we are asking for your support to raise $3,500.00 cover her legal fees and fines. 

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