Name 10 favourite fictional characters, then tag ten people!

Tagged by yozora-no-ai asdfghjkl, this is so hard since I have more than ten

1) Yuri Lowell (he will be forever)

2) Flynn Scifo (yeah they have to be together)

3) Hoozuki (he will be forever too)

4) Hakutaku (my precious piece of trash) 

5) Natsume Takashi (my cinnamon roll, too precious *I hate cinnamon but I love the concept*)

6) Kamui Shiro (he MUST be in this list)

7) Fou lu (sexy deity)

8) Hazama Terumi

9) Yosuke Hanamura (my waifu of waifus)

10) Since I have no more slots: Zero, Bakura, Hao Asakura, Makoto Tachibana, Ike, Zelos Wilder, Lloyd Irving, Jude Mathis, Professor Layton, etc, etc, etc (WHY ONLY 10?) orz

Ok time to tag: samurai-policeman makototachibanase suspiciouspopsicle ijustlostmysanity pineappuu-pineappley stellenciapatherica demontoal apfelseine drachen-photographer starscreamsstilettos  Sorry pals, but I want you to feel the pain (ง︡’-‘︠)ง

His victim testified he raped her in bed with her infant, called her ghetto piece of shit. How can you feel safe when it’s the police kicking down your door, attacking you. By @please_wake_up -
24 Year Old Ryan James Bruggink, now ex Grand Rapids cop, broke into a woman’s home and raped her with her baby daughter in the next room. He broke down the door of the victim’s house at 3:30 in the morning. He’s currently out on bail. Still walking the streets. #staywoke #BlackLivesMatter #blackwomenmatter #policebrutality #rape #rapeculture #blacktumblr #amerikkka

policeman!ashton always stopping by your coffee shop in the morning, boasting about his most recent arrest. so one day right as he comes in, you have his coffee already prepared for him, which he makes a cheeky remark about how you “know me so well, princess.” so you pull out a marker and write your number on the side of the cup, handing it to him with a “won’t need to use those handcuffs to get me on a date.”


The Kojima shrine.
Once again.

It was time to rearrange, as it was getting pretty cluttered.
Besides, things were getting dusty too.

Here’s a nice little photoset to show off my appreciation for Mr. Kojima and all he has done for my life, as well as the inspiration he has filled in many others.
This is not my entire Kojima productions collection. Oh man,
I wish it could fit into one photo like that.
Believe it or not, my favorite Metal Gear is Sons of Liberty. 
But it’s kinda hard to tell with the amount of emphasis I put on that sealed Red Box Subsistence. 
One day though, I’ll have the cib Sega CD version of Snatcher and cherish it forever. Maybe even get Kojima-San to sign it if he ever tours again like he did for Peace Walker… I’d never let it out of my sight though if that happened. 

Thank you for all you have done, Hideo Kojima.
I look forward to the many more years filled with your inevitable works to come.
This is a testament to your creativity, love for story telling, and the wonder/inspiration your many games have brought over me since I was in middle school.
The true Metal Gear saga may be over. But your Legacy will never end.
Thank you.

By thecheshirepussycat

Being a spy meant always keeping your emotions in check. It looked and sounded good in theory, but in practice things like soulmates and trusted bonds of friendship got in the way. The real key to being a spy was keeping your emotions a secret.

Or: Harry and Louis are partners and agents for MI6, but their worlds are torn apart when Harry goes rogue.

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Fake ID or not, this is inexcusable and unacceptable. Virginia ABC officers used excessive force. Law enforcement officers have a duty to protect and to serve without causing bodily harm. Martese is a member of Honor Committee and Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. #JusticeforMartese #UVA #Virginia #VirginiaABC #notonourYard #KAPsi #NPHCGreek #policereform #PrayforMartese #MarteseJohnson

Update: Martese was charged with 1) Obstruction of justice without force 2) profane swearing and/or intoxication in public. Both misdemeanors. Absolutely no mention of a false identification.