Amy Poehler’s Radical Niceness by Sady Doyle 

"This is the kind of ‘niceness’ that does not equate to weakness: That is fierce, and strong, and resilient, and even radical. It’s ‘niceness’ that isn’t incompatible with a little feminist outrage, or a sternly worded takedown. It’s niceness that’s fueled by a desire to make the world better.

Reading Poehler’s new book Yes Please is like hanging out with a friend who believes you can do anything, and wants you to do much better.”

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Amy Poehler introducing Bob Greenblatt in GLSEN Respect Awards, while at the same time, offering another television show idea.

Dear Amy P Letter Project ends TONIGHT!

Hey guys! So basically, Camille (sarahksilvermans) and I have the potential opportunity of meeting Amy Poehler next week. If you know anything about us, you know we’re completely freaking out! This is especially exciting cause it will revolve around the release of her book.

As excited as we are for the opportunity, we also know that there are many of you that would like to say a few words to Amy as well. This is why we decided to create a little book of letters from all of you to give to her when we meet her!

Messages can be short or long and can be sent to by TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT EST*

Send anything you want in and we will include it! If you want to send pictures or drawings, do that as well! Any possible form in which you want to show your appreciation for Amy will be accepted. We will package it up and decorate the book! 

The chance that this won’t work out can always happen, in which case we will probably be sending them to smartgirlsattheparty and hoping they relay it to Amy! We’re fairly optimistic, however!

Share this with all your friends, we want as many letters as possible!! 

*if your letter is more personal and prefer for it to stay between you and Amy, we give you our word we won’t read it! We’ll just add it to the book, promise!