Sloth! A nice soft sloth friend. He has magnets in his hands to enable hugging action! The next one I will need to find a little stronger magnets. Once his belly was filled with fluff he got a little on the heavy side. He grips, but not as secure as I would like. But, most importantly, my son thinks he’s awesome.

Plushie Givaway

Alright everyone we have reached our second follower milestone!

We will be giving away a custom handmade 9 inch plushie. The plushies available for giveaway are ANY plush you can find in my shop or in my previous tumblr posts. The ones in the Picture are just a few examples.


These are the giveaway guidelines:

  • You must be following us! 
  • You must reblog this post with the name of the plushie that you would want should you win the giveaway 
  • Please only reblog once 
  • Like for bookmark purposes if you wish but it will not count as an entry or double-entry 
  • Have your ask box open so I can contact you 
  • I will be checking blogs for authenticity (and will likely follow a good deal of you back)
  • A winner will be chosen at random on or before September 4
  • Winners will have 3 days to respond back, otherwise another winner will be selected

Best of luck and don’t forget to check out my shop!


Good Evening/Morning Everypony, I have just completed the doll’s modification. Being the first time I have ever attempted something like this, I am very satisfied with the results. My owner has a three day weekend coming up, so we are hoping to be able to get out and about and maybe we can pick up another Equestria Girls doll to mod, I had fun doing this. Thank you everypony for the feedback which helped me decided to take this project on and curve the direction it went, with out the input I don’t think it would have came out as well as a it did.