Just like I swallowed half my stash
I never ever want to crash
No hesitation, no delay
You come on just like special K
Now you’re back with dope demand
I’m on sinking sand
—  Placebo - Special K

Placebo album cover 1996

The boy in these photos is 12-year-old David Fox, who had been popular at school, was teased by his classmates and slowly edged out. ’Nobody wanted me on their side or anything like that,’ he said. ’Even the teachers used to pull me aside and ask me about this CD cover.’


Amazing Fisheye Placebo cosplay in which the cosplayers reenact an entire strip! It looks like a perfect live action! 

This fan cosplay is too cool for words. I really need to get back to drawing my comic once this headphone issue is resolved.

Please check out the rest of their gallery at 
Robin by http://lavi-a-v.deviantart.com/
Frey by gerzena.deviantart.com/ 

Vance by Tao 

The signs as bands

Aries: Fall Out Boy
Taurus: Panic! At The Disco
Gemini: Paramore
Cancer: 30 seconds to Mars
Leo: The Killers
Virgo: Green Day
Libra: Placebo
Scorpio: My Chemical Romance
Sagittarius: Bring Me The Horizon 
Capricorn: Black Veil Brides
Aquarius: Muse
Pisces: Linkin park 


After 10 thousand years, finally a new drawing for my Fisheye Placebo comic. For those wondering, I haven’t abandoned the project. Not even close. But my life has been consumed by the crazy Axent Wear headphones that I’m currently working on. There’s been some issues with my co-founder and we’re working on a compromise but it’s taking some time. I’ll keep everyone posted on when that will be resolved and when I’ll finally be able to return to working on my comics.

Here Frey is waiting to make his next move against the Solar Eye. I really liked the concept of Strategy vs Tactics described by Michel de Certeau in his The Practice of Everyday Life.

“A tactic is a calculated action determined by the absence of a proper locus. … The space of a tactic is the space of the other”. A tactic is deployed “on and with a terrain imposed on it and organized by the law of a foreign power.” One who deploys a tactic “must vigilantly make use of the cracks that particular conjunctions open in the surveillance of the proprietary powers. It poaches in them. It creates surprises in them”

In Fisheye Placebo, Frey falls under Tactics while going against the Strategies of the surveillance state. I will be revealing new antagonists in the following chapters so stay tuned! :)