This is the cure to any ills in life: a cat to snuggle you, a breeze to relax you, a journal to guide you, a blankey to comfort you, a bed to replenish you, and many reminders to keep you smiling.

So I was out today and a guy selling these makeup samples came up to me and is like “excuse me miss, do you wear makeup?” and I said, “Yeah, just a little bit though” and he says “well you don’t really need it,” but then he like, actually looks at me and is like, “wow you’re really pretty!” and pauses and smiles before explaining his makeup product and at the end he was like “you’re so pretty, do you have a boyfriend?” and I should’ve said yes (even though I don’t have one, it’s a good way to get out of weird people asking you out) but I said “no,” and he asked for my number and I said “I’m sorry but I feel uncomfortable giving out my number to people I don’t really know,” and he said, “ok I can respect that, have a great day!” and it made my day that A) He called me “pretty” rather than “hot,” or something similarly annoying B) I didn’t feel uncomfortable or targeted because his compliments were flattering rather than disrespectful C) After I told him no, he “respected” my decision and left me alone.

I dunno if this seems normal for anyone reading this, but for me, coming from a big city, it’s so nice to get a compliment without feeling threatened, scared, targeted, or demeaned. How refreshing to see someone do that (even though I do realize he was just trying to sell me something)

ALSO it’s probably good to throw in here that if anyone feels uncomfortable with someone asking for your number, you can Google search the Rejection Hotline for your area and give that number to them instead so you don’t feel rude and can get out of the situation quickly without them questioning you! This tactic has saved my butt before so I hope you find it helpful as well!

Hey. You. You’re not having the greatest day? It’s okay, I’ve been there.

Shitty body image day? Remember it’s more in your head than in reality, and tomorrow you may wake up and have the best body image day in the world. Have a glass of water and take some selfies. You’re hot.

Someone let you down? Always stay true to yourself. You can’t control others but you can control the way you react to situations. Be respectful, be kind, be considerate. Worry about you, not things out of your control.

Bad grade? Feeling like you’ve failed? You didn’t. And bad grades and mistakes happen. Honestly ask yourself, “If we didn’t fail, how would we learn?” So in the end, it’s never really a failure, just an opportunity for growth.

Injured? Hurt? Something is preventing you from doing what you love? Things heal. All things heal. And nothing is impossible regardless of what you are told. People accomplish the impossible every day. Work hard, don’t give up, stay hopeful, and know that you were able to do it once, you’ll be able to do it again. Impossible literally spells out, “I’m possible.”

Lost someone or something close to you? Have faith. They are always with you in spirit. Remember that tough times don’t last but tough people do.

Stuck at a roadblock in your journey, whether it’s fitness, schooling, finding a job, financial, relationships, or with yourself? I promise you, hang in there. No great success ever came without great struggle.

You’ve got this. Chin up. Smile. You are so worthy.

So here we go again… another sleepless night waiting 3am for the new episode, and every passing week I feel more like being the only one on earth who hasn’t watched it yet  * yep. living in europe sucks sometimes*
I also managed to disappear from tumblr again during this last 10 days. *In my defence: It was my birthday and I’ve been super busy with an impromptu cosplay….*
So I’m still dying to discuss and analyze last week episode 10, and reblog tons of gifs.

But tonight I’m more excited than ever. You guys cannot understand how important is this part of the book for me, I think it’s crucial not only Jamie and Claire relathionship but also to their characters development on so many levels.  Managing to make it completely faithful to the novel will affect the rest of the series for me. And I won’t say more to avoid spoilers….
I peeked at some reviews and it seems that all the fandom is pretty happy with the episode, but still I’m so anxious about it.
In all these years I reread these pages hundreds of times, and I grew fond of so many quotes … I’m terrified that they’ll cut some of them.
Wow, It seems to be back on the eve of the very first episode: unbearable anxiety, excitement, and expectations all at once!
But seriously this part of the book has always been one of my absolute favorites, I really really  hope that they’ll be able to live up to it.
Well, now I’m gonna make a barrell of chamomile to calm down  and I’ll start praying for at least one livestream that actually works.

Good Outlander-Night everyone!

“There’s always going to be bad stuff out there. But here’s the amazing thing — light trumps darkness, every time. You stick a candle into the dark, but you can’t stick the dark into the light.”

I still remember old times. Those old times when I felt like I was someone, like I was special. But those times changed when I grew older. I got to know new people. People who changed my personality, changed who I am. And I still remember those times when people found me interesting and different. They looked at me and told me they liked me, and they really meant it. Now they take a glimpse, and then look away because for them I am just like everyone else. I still remember old times, when I drove home in the middle of the night and smiled because I enjoyed having the time of my life. I still remember when I had my first kiss, when I smiled and he smiled back, when I got drunk way too easily and laughed at the unfunniest things because I FELT ALIVE. And I miss that feeling. Meaning something to my friends or the people around me. I felt special. And I felt like they were accepting me just as that.

But time changes so fast. And then you suddenly wake up in the middle of the night, feeling your heart ache. You go around but they already replaced you with someone else, and suddenly there are people who are more interesting than you are.  And while time flies by you realize that it will never be the same again. And you want to go back to those times when you were happy but you can’t. And the more you want time to stop, the faster it flies by. And suddenly you are a flower that already grew too old, trying to catch up with your old self but it’ll never be the same again, and you know that. You’ll never be able to be your old self again. And you’ll cry. A lot. I cried too. And I still cry sometimes after waking up in the middle of the night. And this is your life.

The Haru and Rin manju I ordered came in! So now the Makoto I got at a con doesn’t look so lonely haha. 

Thank you so so much, aitaikimochi! \(^.^)/