December 16: Daughter



@Louis_tomlinson Penelope is getting prettier for every day, what can we expect when her mother is @y/t/n xx



@niallofficial Liya asked me if she could join me on tour, how can I say no to this face xx she got it from her mama @y/t/n



@Real_liam_payne Our baby girl is already 4 years old, please don’t grow up anymore xx @y/t/n



@Zaynmalik @y/t/n and Lucas just returned home, and Maya is already doing a good job as a big sis xx



@Harry_styles @y/t/n and I could’t find Darcy but then we saw this in the living room, how cute isn’t she xx

Lost it.

So, I lost my temper with Kai’s mom and ended up blocking her on Facebook because I just don’t want to deal with her anymore. I shouldn’t have told her that she is a nightmare to deal with or that she is a terrible mother-in-law, but dammit, if I wasn’t being honest in my anger.

The money she sent Kai, was actually from Kai’s grandparents and was meant for us to just buy her some gifts for Christmas. They had no intention of the money being used for Penelope’s school. I cleared the confusion up by emailing his grandparents and politely refusing the money. Then his grandfather emails me back and says he completely understands and would never try to pay for Penelope’s school. He said Cathy lied about the intent behind the money. She had given me the impression that I greatly offended Kai’s grandparents. I felt awful for an entire day, until I found out this morning that she just fabricated the whole thing. I’m glad that I saw through the lie and decided to just address the problem instead of dealing with the passive aggressiveness his whole family dishes out.

Anyway, I am done with that relationship. I try to rationalize that Penelope deserves a relationship with Kai’s mom, as the grandma, but she is so manipulative and horrible. Why would I ever want Penelope to deal with that? I’m thankful that she at least has my parents who are loving and kind.