I’m working on a 3-gigabyte, 25-layer Photoshop file for what will end up being a huge promotional art piece. This is a screencap of (part of) the layers palette. Somebody else started this yesterday and I picked it up because she’s out today.

I laughed when I noticed that she named the folder that holds all the layers for the superheroes "peeps".


hello there dolly, you look so cute, so I just HAD to draw you…

I drew you with a little coloring book style background…I hope it’s not too cheesy or lame….

Keep up the good work


Whenever I look at the stars at night, I feel a hopeful spark inside.

Whenever I see the moon so huge, I can’t help but love all that is new.

Whenever I feel sad or doomed, I now hope that I’ll remember you too.

Th-Thank you.

((*SQUEEEEEAAAAAL* Why are you guys being so good to me today, do you know how special a surprise this is? Thank you oh generous person, geez, I need to put up a mod blog or something to put up all this lovely fanart properly, hnn ;w;

-Loads of love to this lovely peep over here))