who remembers the 7" with PEEPLE WATCHIN that was supposed to come out on Get Better Records but was forever doomed by sickness, surgery, and then finally all of jenna pup’s shit getting stolen, including all of the masters for the split?

WELL our good friend and current member Jessica Princess found a flash drive, literally in a box of trash, while cleaning her room and all that was on it was the fucking masters for that record!!! While this 7" is still never gonna happen, because we’ve pretty much given up on that, we figured we would make one of the only non-downloadable things we ever had up for download RIGHT FUCKING NOW!

SO FUCKING ENJOY!!! and maybe one day there will be a fancy third press of the cassette tape that wasn’t only available at fed up fest last year or on peeple watchin’s cross country tour.


ps: this features some our fav friends ever…

Once upon a time, an Italian immigrant named Filippo Ignacio Barziza met and fell in love with a young woman named Cecilia Amanda Bellett. The two were wed and settled in Virginia, and not long after a small child was born. And then another. And then another. And, to their constant shock and annoyance…. another. You would think, at this point, they might try to cool down a little bit. Perhaps stop having sex, or at least try some form of birth control? But no, because either they were wild about one another or just had the worst luck when it came to pregnancy, for yet another small child was born.

This went on and on, until the very sexed up couple now had nine happy little children to take care of. From then on, Barziza swore that that was enough. Nine kids surely are enough to continue the family name and all that fun stuff. They didn’t plan on any more kids. They honestly thought they were done.

And then another son was born, and both of them were completely shocked. Happy, but shocked. And more than a little flustered. Still, happiness prevailed, and Barziza went to the local tavern with some friends to celebrate the birth of his 10th child. It was at this party that he realized the child didn’t have a name, and he couldn’t for the life of him come up with anything good.

And then, in a stroke of pure genius, one of his very intoxicated friends proudly shouted, “Then, damn it all, Barziza, name him Decimus et Ultimas!”

And naturally, being rather drunk and in good spirits himself, he thought this was absolutely genius.

And so it came to pass, that in early September, 1838, Filippo Barziza named his son Decimus et Ultimas Barziza-  “tenth and last”.


brendon urie singing i believe from the book of mormon