Happy Birthday Marilyn Monroe! The star was born this day in 1926. Photographer George Zimbel tells what happened when Marilyn was photographed in her iconic white halter dress for The Seven Year Itch

American Masters - Marilyn Monroe: Still Life (2012) looks at her legacy through those who photographed her.

Princess Bubblegum!!

she’s like “Dayum!!! this dress is killing it!”

I drew this picture some time ago: http://the-art-of-teatime123.tumblr.com/post/112538652831/not-sure-if-youre-still-doing-the-drawing-meme

in which you can only see PB’s back. so i drew her again from side/ front view!

i kinda wanted to do something art-nouveau-like but i kinda failed (i mean the hair and flower stuff) !! :D
and i didn’t know what background to use so i just copied the one i already had. bleh.

should i draw marceline like this too? what do you think?

hope y’all like it tho!