Tfw I looked leaner a couple weeks ago because the stress of finals has made me retain lots of water these days. 😅 Oh well! Staying on track because this too shall pass. Hey? [4 weeks out now.]

How the signs ended up in the hospital
  • Aries:Punched through their wall in a fiery rage after their favorite character died
  • Taurus:said "screw it" and ate through four bags of candy with the wrappers stuck to it.
  • Gemini:really thought they could master a Pinterest yoga pose and broke everything.
  • Cancer:attempted the cinnamon challenge at three a.m with a measuring cup full of spice
  • Leo:banged their head over and over again after reading stupid comments online and got a concussion
  • Virgo:died of the feels after watching attack on Titan. Rest in peace.
  • Libra:broke their wrist in a dumb bet worth $2.75
  • Scorpio:burned themselves making ramen in the middle of the night
  • Sagittarius:drank too much and woke up in a full body cast.
  • Capricorn:passed out after watching Doctor Who for thirty seven consecutive hours...
  • Aquarius:got knocked out after a fist fight over their OTP
  • Pisces:got the sudden desire to get in shape, did seven push ups and collapsed and couldn't get up.

more random thought snippets for this AU but:

  • nico disappearing from camp jupiter for a few days and jason’s sincerely worried while octavian’s starting shit all “SEE HE WAS PROBABLY A GREEK SPY AND NOW HE’S GONE TO TELL THE GREEKS OUR LOCATION” and meanwhile nico was actually just trying to figure out shadow travel and he was just stuck passed out in china by accident
  • do the romans have actual regular showers or is it all the public baths. does nico get dragged off the the bath and sit awkwardly hunched in the water because um jason is naked and ashkjfgashfa shit
  • lmao nico starts messing around with minos’ ghost and jason shuts that shit down so fast when he finds out like dude that guy is super sketchy and definitely trying to trick you okay
  • sharing a cot
  • me at home:god damn i look so good. im gonna print out my selfies and pass them out to people on the street
  • me literally anywhere else:fuckijng ne vermin d

one time when i was small i ate a carrot and passed out and thats why i cant trust vegetables

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what were they hospitalized for

The were so stressed from AP classes they passed out during a chemistry test so now we’re only allowed to take 3 AP classes a year

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I can't keep this a secret anymore, I have scars up and down my arm. They are fading but it'll take a couple more months for them to leave. It almost summer and today it was like 85 degrees. I don't think I can keep wearing long sleeves without passing out. Please tell me what to do. I really don't want to tell my mom, not because I'm scared I'll get in trouble, but because I don't think she can take anymore bad news because she has been really stressed. Please help me

When it comes to hiding the scars normally I’d say let them show and be proud of them because they’re a part of you, they’re a reminder of how far you’ve come. In this case I can see why you want to cover them. Make up is going to be your easiest solution, water or sweat proof will work the best. Another idea is a bandanna, a lot of people wear them at camp. Why not wrap one on your wrist this way you’ll only have to put make up on half your arm. I would also suggest seeing a Dermatologist to see if there’s anything they can do that would be more permanent solution. I’m sure you wouldn’t be the first person they’ve seen with cutting scars.

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I had a dream where all the hetalia characters were in grey wedding dresses each one unique to their own style and they were all in danger because the earth kept cracking into pieces and my notp fruk (it's my top now but) was there and I felt the physical discomfort. Then it transition to England in a colorful pirate wedding dress and he was carrying America in his arms who had passed out and then as he laid him down he was like, (1/2)

“Ah yes my new greatest asset 2 the empire” then a child came in that was Seychelles + sealand morphed into1. they were like, “why is America your new fav?” England started tripping the fuckout. It zoomed in on his smirking face. There r psychedelic colors in the bg w/ music. he said, “cuz he’s a precious gem-gem-gem” it zoomed in& out. looked like I was looking thru glass at him or kaleidoscope. he kept saying “gem-precious empire!” (2/3) Then it transitioned back to people running for their live in grey wedding dresses as sailor mercury saved the day. (3/3) (that’s all)

I take back what I said about one of the previous dreams. THIS is the wildest thing I’ve ever read.

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Some Quintis please?

820+words | Hurt and Comfort 

Enjoy :)

“Are you sure you don’t want me to call Happy?” Paige asks for the fourth time since he ended up in hospital. The day earlier while chasing down a suspect, the man had brandished a gun, aiming it at the entire team, and managing to land a round in Toby’s stomach. Toby hasn’t seen Happy since he passed out on the sidewalk.

He shakes his head, pushing himself up slightly, “No, thank you though. She’ll show up soon enough, especially now that  I’m fine and just recovering.” He notices the woman’s brow furrow. “She almost lost something her thought was pretty much permanent, it scared her, not that she’ll admit it. So she pushed herself away to try her best to avoid being hurt if it had been fatal. She did the same thing when you and Cabe left, instead of sticking around to try keep Scorpion running, she was looking for a new job the next morning. Now that I’m just waiting to be discharged, and there’s no chance of me dying, she’ll show up,” he answers, a little too hopeful.

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“I-I //don’t// know…they jumped me…the only reason…I’m not dead is…” There was a distraction. Some kids seeing… “I ran…shit…Dal my head is spinning…”

”I’ll call an ambulance or something, okay? I’d drive you to a hospital, but I don’t have a fucking license.

The need to find a phone and the need to keep an eye on his twin so he didn’t drop dead were both conflicting and overwhelming. He swayed a little in place for a moment, looking like a deer in headlights, before abruptly blurting, “don’t you dare pass out on me,” and dashing out of the room.

Oh yes. He was totally handling this well.

A day in the life. This little one passed out while helping mommy study for finals. Wouldn’t change a thing

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Wiccan/Hulking for the ship meme

collects rocks

Billy loves to collect those sparkley ones; you know, the ones that look like they have whole galaxies inside them. Billy indulges him, brings him back rocks from his visits to the Krees and Skrulls.

takes pictures of the other while they’re asleep

Teddy has a whole album on Facebook called “Cute pictures of Billy asleep”. Kate comments on it, adding photos of Tommy in the exact same pose, every single time. All of Facebook almost crashed when they added a picture from one movie night where Tommy and Billy ended up curled on each other; Pietro, the big sap keeps one in his wallet along with a picture of Luna when she fell asleep in Lorna’s arms. Wanda has it framed on her wall.

gets drunk and breaks shit 

Billy doesn’t really drink, since it messes with his head but Teddy is such a happy drunk. He stumbles around, and tries to pull Billy to dance with him and he ends up passed out on the broken remnants of their coffee table.

can’t swim

Billy can’t swim, so he just always climbs on Teddy and makes him carry him around. Tommy always pretends to gag when they do it.

remembers to feed the fish

Neither of them do, but Tommy does come over at least once a day to check on it. Billy offers to let him take it but Tommy denies even liking the too fat gold fish.

puts up Christmas decorations in November

Billy’s Jewish, so they don’t really celebrate Christmas, but Teddy has always had this tradition on hanging wreaths and mistletoe the day after Thanksgiving.

sends inappropriate texts and SnapChats while the other is in a meeting

this is def Billy. Let’s just say he likes mirrors and Teddy’s old jockstrap.

makes Sims just to drown them in the pool

Uhm, before Billy and Teddy got together, Billy made a Sims version of them who live in the biggest house and have over 20 kids.

brings the other coffee at work

I kind of imagine Teddy working at this major law firm, and everyone wants to know who this cute little twink is that keeps bringing him coffee, and straightening out his tie and kissing his cheek. One day its Tommy instead and everyone is so confused so he just kind of sighs is like “This is my brother-in -law, who i have no idea what he is here for.” and Tommy just kind of shrugs and goes “speaking of the law…”

takes gym locker room selfies

Teddy does. He Instagrams them with unironic tags like #deezguns #lockedandloaded #imtoohot(hotdamn)

signs them up for tennis lessons and a salsa-making class

One of the secretaries told him that it saved her marriage, so Teddy thought it would be fun time. Billy ended up with a broken nose and figuring out that he has a green pepper allergy.

forgets to charge the other’s iPad and leaves it dead on the coffee table

Billy plays candy crush until its almost dead and then abandons it when he cant pass a certain level. Teddy just sighs and plugs it in, knowing it will happen again.