Does Planned Parenthood offer Hormone Replacement Therapy for transgender people?


Someone asked us: 

Can Planned Parenthood provide hormones to transgender people? And if so, what are the costs?

Why yes, yes we do. There are an increasing number of Planned Parenthood health centers that offer hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for trans clients. (Cost will vary depending on your insurance and Planned Parenthood health center policies.) Currently, the Planned Parenthood health centers that offer hormone treatment for trans folks are: 





New Hampshire:

New York:

North Carolina:



- Calvin and Maureen at QueerTips


Just a reminder that Adult Wednesday Addams is a thing that exists and it is goddamn glorious. 

Send me a TV show and Ill tell you my
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So I Went to Planned Parenthood Today

A few high points:

  • When making the appointment, and on all their paperwork, they asked if it was safe to contact me via phone and mail. They asked how they should identify themselves on the phone when they called.
  • Everyone there was very pleasant, warm, and welcoming. I was given tons of information, multiple chances to ask questions, and the chance for STI/STD testing and other applicable exams.
  • I was treated with respect. I was treated like an adult. I was allowed to be in control of my person at all times. I was not down-talked, or snarked at, or made to feel any type of way other than safe.
  • They listened to me. I told them what I’d used, what I’d been thinking about using, and rather than bulldozing over my considerations, they were more than happy to set me up with a new method
  • I’m unemployed and uninsured. This was not an issue. I paid nothing at the end of my visit. I had a new contraceptive, three rounds of emergency contraceptive, and literally a month’s supply of condoms.

Basically I’m super happy that Planned Parenthood is a thing.


Who can possibly understand a baby better than a BABY? I sat down with 6 week old Amalah to talk all things Infant. I learned a lot.