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It's 3am and I'n completely and utterly bored. Could you suggest any good minkuri fanfics for me to read? I hear you're the expert on that ship.

Sadly there isn’t much, friend. I’m not sure why because I would love to read some shit I didn’t write and haven’t already read yet.

Scanning through the minkuri tag will net you a lot of headcanons and cute AU ideas that are underdeveloped and basically like brain candy: you consume them and they’re gone in a minute.

If you’re here, I’m assuming you’ve read the two Minkuri pieces I wrote: Carry that Weight and In the Middle of the Celebrations. If you haven’t read them yet, they both contain pornography and are longer than some of the novels you have to read in high school. There is one chapter and an epilogue left until the main fic is done, at which time I’ll be starting the NoizSei companion fic in the same AU. (You can also flick through the “my writing" tag on my blog to see if I have any minkuri drabbles that didn’t make it to AO3.)

I also want to recommend Mourning by harukami. She’s an amazing writer, and while the fic isn’t an intense interaction between them, it might help scratch the itch. (Plus just a harukami plug in general because she’s my senpai~~)

Please also consider Tell Me a Story and this other drabble by brillfic they’re an fantastic writer and I really enjoy their work. They’re also a total sweetheart and really need a lot more attention than they’re getting.

Contented by brazuu is a nice piece for… not quite fluff, but something calm and soothing. Also The Language of Flowers, by Moji. You might also try In Death I Can Still Find Comfort by recollectiveprotector (who is a fantastic Ren RPer in addition to being a superb author).

If you’re looking for something racy, try Special Delivery by iamalsohere. They’ve also written two other fics that aren’t really my cup of tea because of my notorious aversion to various triggers, but if you have none, they’re worth checking out on their AO3.

monsieurpaprika also made a post where I think I missed some?

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I know im just repeating what everyone else is saying right now but seriously. wow. your art is so warm and loving and sweet and it's like being wrapped in a soft blanket. it's so soothing and sweet, thank you for all the lovely work you make <3

holy shit. holy shit thank you so so much oh my god.

Tudom, hogy a blikkbe kellene beküldenem a majd fél kilós paprika képét, csak sajnos nincs meg a postafiókcímük. Élénk pirosságát nagyon jól kiemeli öreganyám királykék otthonkája. A blikkben nem mutatna ilyen szépen.

In a dmmd zombie au, Mink would always cut off the heads of the zombies, thinking that he’s protecting them from the devil, until he realises that they can only be killed with a blow to the head, and then he stops chopping their heads off, knowing that their soul has already been taken. 


Today (August, 24th) marks exactly 3 years after the death of Satoshi Kon, the director behind masterpieces like Perfect Blue and Millennium Actress. He also collaborated on several other animated productions.

An early departure for one of the most acclaimed minds of the industry.

"With my heart full of gratitude for everything good in the world.
I’ll put down my pen.”

Satoshi Kon 1963 - 2010


I love anime because of the way it can be anything. Artistic, intellectual, targeted at kids or adults or everyone, sometimes stupid and often engaging, adrenalin pumping or a complete mindfuck of a narrative maze. That because these shows or movies or shorts are animated and Japanese would limit them somehow or relegate their potential to one type of creation is baffling.

Because Anime is a medium, not a genre.


Favourite animators: Toshiyuki Inoue (井上俊之)

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