"The first scenes featured in the trailer, depicting a young girl witnessing a Kaiju attack, are not the first scenes you’ll see in "Pacific Rim.” The sequence actually takes place in the middle of the film, a flashback that reveals the history of co-lead Mako Mori (played by Rinko Kikuchi), who lost everything to the Kaiju.

"This is how she decided to fight Kaijus, and what happened to her as a kid," del Toro explains."


Tacit Ronin

"Similar to Coyote Tango, Tacit Ronin is lightly armored allowing for quicker movement and greater speed to evade any Kaiju attacks. Tacit Ronin is powered by a nuclear reactor and is armed with a pair of Fangblades mounted under each wrist, designed for close combat. When not in use the Fangblades retract backwards, with the blade tip retreating behind Tacit Ronin’s fists. "Cobra Strike" is one of its signature attack moves."

  • Pacific Rim ‘Before & Afters’ Working closely with del Toro, who co-founded Mirada with Pacific Rim DP Guillermo Navarro, director Mathew Cullen and Javier Jimenez, the Mirada team designed, created, shot and edited the key sequence, which included over 80 fast-moving visual effects shots.