i’m speeding up and this is the red, orange, yellow flicker beat
s p a r k i n g  u p  m y  h e a r t

THE SUPERNATURAL GIF CHALLENGE  |  padaleckhi vs. savingchesters
round two | sam winchester + favorite season
| sam winchester + season four


Steroline meme  ♥  [2/?] quotes 

↳”She’s determined but swerrt, eternal optimist, never forgets a birthday. Waht else? Never gives up on her friends. Yes. Right. She’s completely loyal. This is good build her up. I’m sure she’ll live up to these ridiculosly high expecations. That’s another one. Great at supassing expecations. So she’s p e r f e c t. Totally. Pretty much.”

a computer game where you create your own rapper and freestyle your way to the top: notorious r.p.g.

We stand united in grief with our brothers and sisters of the Sacramento and Placer County Sheriff’s Departments. We hold close to our hearts the families of the two deputies whose lives were taken in this senseless tragedy. May these brave men rest in peace.

R.I.P. Brothers

NaruHina Episodes 
Ep 23 : Naruto calls Hinata weird but says he likes her 
Ep 24: Hinata tells Naruto he can copy her test answers 
Ep 45: Hinata gives Naruto Ointment after his fight with Kiba 
Ep 148: Naruto mistook Hinata for Tsunade in Kurenai’s Hospital Room
Ep 148: Naruto watches Hinata dance in the waterfall 
Ep 149: Naruto hugs Hinata in gratitude 
Ep 151: Naruto catches Hinata after she is weakened from the execution of her jutsu. 
Ep 159: Naruto tells Hinata she would make a good wife 
Ep 175: Naruto shields Hinata from an attack 
Shippuden Ep 33: Naruto tells hinata to go with him but she misunderstood it and faints 
Shippuden Ep 166: Hinata rescues Naruto from Pain and confesses whats in her heart 
Shippuden Ep 321: Naruto rescues Hinata from White Zetsus impersonators 
Shippuden Ep 364: Hinata uplifts Naruto’s spirit and they hold hands as well as
(**Neji’s uplifting words to Naruto , his sacrifice for both him and hinata and his death R.I.P**)