My work is to help present a film to audiences who are watching it for the first time. But if there is time, I will always honour the fact that there are many devoted fans outside because it just makes people happy. It’s a great thing to do and it makes me feel good too. There’s no such thing as pure altruism; I get a kick out of it as well. - Benedict Cumberbatch


So when Dean made this face after Cas told him he had “a female” in the car outside


I was immediately reminded of this look he gave Sam after Sam told him he knew he was afraid of being alone and that’s why he saved him


and basically in conclusion this is the face Dean gives you when he’s very hurt and confused by the thing you just said to him goodbye friends it was nice knowing you all~


we needed to get some last minute footage to throw in as b-roll for our kickstarter video. we somehow ended up taking our first “real” couple pictures ever and this is how they turned out. we’re not very traditional hahah. if you’d like to see the footage in our kickstarter campaign, you can view it here. If you’d like to listen to our music outside of tumblr/youtube and with a full sound, check out the link and maybe you can help us do just that. :) 

I still don’t know why Kuroo sleeps with his head between two pillows. I thought maybe because he has a noisy team so he needs to cover his ears when he sleeps but he apparently does it at home too? Maybe there are cats outside of his room? A small cricket mariachi band? Maybe Kenma snores and he just got used to sleeping like that from all their sleep overs when they were little. Maybe he has the same dream every night and it’s a loud dream so he covers his ears both, in the dream and real life. Maybe Nekoma turns into cats at night and meow outside of his room at night. The possibilities are infinite.

Pft Mothers

I was doodling some fail doodles and my mom came in. She asked me what was I doing up. I showed her my phone and I had the cover of Baby it’s cold outside by Mcp on. She looked at the picture that shows throughout the video and she says; “Oh, it’s the rejected smurf you dress up as. I then squinted at her for a long time then snatched my phone away. Not really saying anything.

Once she left I muttered; he’s not a fucking smurf.

The door closes with a click and you feel the life being sucked out of you just as quickly as it had been shoved back in. You’re back, you said, but what you meant to say was, stay. There is a softness in his eyes but there is great distance too. There’s someone waiting in the car for him but you don’t ask who. You’re sure he left the engine running for her, a quick stop and he’d be gone. He’s never stayed before, why would now be any different?

He shoved the air back in your lungs and just as quickly you are drowning. All you want is for him to be sitting there at the kitchen table when the first coffee you’ve had in 6 weeks passes your lips in the morning. You’re human once more but you still don’t know how to ask for what you need.

Without even thinking your legs are moving, willing you to get outside the door before it’s too late. He’s not outside in the hall, but at the top of the steps, seconds away from disappearing.

“Cas,” you manage to choke out, and you barely recognize your own voice.

He stops dead in his tracks and before he can even turn around you’re standing mere inches away from him on the landing. When he finally does turn to face you, your hands are on his lapels before your once again human mind can convince you this is probably a bad idea.

You’ve got him pressed against the wall so fast your head is spinning and your legs feel weak from the way his breath hitches when you kiss him. He tastes electric, sweet, and just a little bitter, because you know when you pull away, this is it. He’s going to walk out that door and leave you for good.

You release him, on shaky legs you step back, leaving him there against the wall, frozen, slack jawed and wide eyed, jacket a rumpled mess from where you balled it in your fists and held on to him for dear life. Like if you let him go he would have just drifted away, a brilliant blue memory in the epic fucking tragedy of your life.

“I’m sorry,” you whisper, averting his gaze the best you can.

In the end he doesn’t drift away, but you do instead. Down the stairs and back to your room, leaving him standing there unmoving, silent, breathless. You fucked up big this time, Winchester. He’s got his girl back in the car, someone he found that could treat him right and have his back. Someone he would return to when the job was done. He’s never coming back to you.

Sam brings you food shortly after and you ask him in passing if Cas stuck around. He just says he must have slipped out before he got back. No sign of him or that big, ugly boat of a car he’s getting around in these days. He’s gone. He’s gone. It’s over.

You eat until you’re stuffed and slip into a dreamless sleep shortly after. At some point in the night you’re awoken by the gentle dip of someone sitting on the edge of your mattress. There’s a body slipping in beside you moments later, under the covers, his arms wrapping tightly around you. In the dead of night, blinded by dark, you know it is him in an instant. You don’t speak, you can’t, instead you gently lace your fingers together and drift back to sleep with the warmth of his lips on your neck.


it’s kind of interesting that White People have run wild with using the term “basic” without properly understanding what it means. 

I keep seeing buzzfeed articles, authored by white people, calling other white people “basic” without any real concept of what the term actually meant (outside of it’s dictionary definition of course).

The term has been watered down to basically make fun of white people’s (specifically women’s) harmless habits, yoga pants, pumpkin spice latte’s and uggs. But that’s never what the term actually meant.

The term “basic white person” was pretty much created out the Black SJ community in reference to the stock response white people gave in discussions about racism. The same basic-ass responses would come up when White People would engage PoC (Black People in particular)

"I don’t see color,"

"Why do you have to make everything about race?"

"Why can you say the n-word but I can’t"

etc…these same stock answers and statements from white people and a basic (ha!) and false understanding of what racism is and how it affects the live of PoC. 

So to see the term get whittled down do a stupid internet meme is a kinda interesting way to see cognitive dissonance at work. 

To see a phrase go from “white people’s cluelessness contributing to harmful societal norms” to “white girls loves pumpkin spice lattes” is oddly fascinating. 

Kinda goes to show how white people will take a critique of themselves and switch the narrative surrounding it into harmless pop culture. 

forstarlitbeaches said:

Just had an excellent highdea. You on one of those house hunting shows would be super relevant to my interestsss. Also, describe your dream home?

Highdea! Yes! Brilliant! 

My dream home is either a tree house cabin or an A-frame cabin on a large wooded property far outside of city limits where I can have a bunch of animals like chickens and goats and pheasants and deer; a large enclosure for Jude and Cabal; and maybe something like a creek or a river so I can set up a hydroelectric power system for myself. 

Also, a bunch of other enclosures so I can foster more wolfdogs and wolf look-a-likes and maybe start my own rescue, because that would be all-the-more awesome. 


Two Of A Kind

In which Fitz, and Simmons do indeed have a very specific type.

For p0cketw0tch, who had a bit of a need.

"Bobbi? She told you to call her Bobbi?" Fitz asked, his tone tinged with disbelief, and a hint of amusement.

"Yes, as soon as we officially met. I’ve mentioned it before. Bobbi, not Doctor Morse, not Agent Morse, or Mockingbird, just Bobbi. It takes getting used to." Jemma sighed dreamily, fiddling with the zipper on her dress before finally getting it undone.

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Introducing Before the Storm, now available as a .zip download!*

Before the release of her fifth studio album, it was this blogger’s goal to reintroduce the Swift fandom to her earlier works. Running with the idea that these were a sort of “calm before the storm," below is a set of demos from hit songs you’re sure to recognize. The collection includes the album art above (created by me) and the following tracks:

01. Crazier // 02. Superstar // 03. Our Song // 04. The Outside // 05. Cold As You // 06. I Heart ? // 07. Tim McGraw // 08. Picture to Burn // 09. A Place in This World // 10. Fearless // 11. Come in with the Rain // 12. Mary’s Song (Oh My My My) // 13. Beautiful Eyes // 14. Teardrops On My Guitar // 15. Crazier (Piano Demo) // 16. Invisible // 17. Tim McGraw (Piano Demo) // 18. Christmases When You Were Mine // 19. White Horse // 20. A Perfectly Good Heart // 21. I’m Only Me When I’m with You

The entire collection can now be downloaded here (x), or you can listen to each track above by simply clicking the track number. Enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: These files vary in size and quality due to the fact that they are leaks and not album rips. Please keep in mind that while some are “ripped” at 320kbps, it may just be due to conversion from .m4a to .mp3, etc.


Of Talk and Resolution                                                                

Pro-democracy protesters watch a live televised talk between pro-democracy student leaders and the Hong Kong government outside the Central Government Offices in the Admiralty district in Hong Kong on Oct. 21, 2014.

Student leaders met with Hong Kong government officials in televised talks to air their concerns after blocking roads and clashing with police for almost a month.

The talks failed to yield any breakthrough on ending the occupation. The government said it is considering submitting a report to China relaying the demands and concerns of the protesters. Such a report would provide Beijing with a “reference” on the demonstrators’ opinions, rather than attempt to modify an Aug. 31 ruling by China on Hong Kong’s leadership elections, Chief Secretary Carrie Lam said yesterday at the talks.

Photographer: Brent Lewin/Bloomberg

© 2014 Bloomberg Finance LP

I motion to lock these two in a fucking house for another couple of weeks so they (Zach) can figure their shit out.

Even if the ultimate decision is just to move forward platonicly, I’ll be happy to know they at least reached it without outside influence and all options were explored.

((and as much as I’d like cameras and live feeds to be included, I’ll forego that request because I know it would interfere with the process.))

anyone second this shit?


as our final project in Photography class, we’re required to make a printed portfolio of our best shots during class and outside class hours

anonymous said:

I can never see past The idea that we just live to die and I never feel pretty or happy and I just feel worthless and I need a reason to hold on and advice for how to.

I would try and see death as a consequence of living not as the reason for it. We do die. That is a fact. We have to make the most of it while we are here death hangs around us everyday, but we are here now. We are not dead. We can breathe. This is a great thing. Try and get more in touch with life, the life that you are now. Go outside and feel whatever is there, hot, cold, nice, windy, rainy just feel what life gives you. This is to be alive and make the most of it. If you only look ahead to your death you’ll miss life and miss the beauty that is all around you. You may even seen this beauty in side you. It is there you just need to let go of concepts and labels and it can show itself to you.

We are given only a short time to be alive, try and just sense this and see that we complicate life and make it into something that it is not. We complicate what is simple. We complicate things to feel smart and to make ourself better than others, this is all unnecessary. We can just be and just live. If you see life and this complicated mess that ends in death, you’ll only see ugliness and pain. So look for the simple and just breathe. Finding simplicity and stillness can change things. Finding life, true life here where you are can change your outlook. Hold into this life, this stillness, find it and try and reside in it and hold it dear.


I swear to god someone outside of tumblr needs to drag their asses to hell because you DAMN good and well twitter wont do SHIT except worship them. Their blatant racism has offended countless people, & their extreme homophobia is infuriating. None of this is acceptable, so who’s gonna step up to the plate? Either some don’t care or they’re too far up their asses to call them out. Most of you have the AUDACITY to call female celebrities out, but when it comes to 5sos, you brush it off. FUCKED