I wasn’t totally up for posting for the transvisibility thing, I’ll be 100% honest its hard to see people who can pass their gender when I feel like I’m stuck at stage 1 with 0 validation for who I am.
I want to kindly say; fuck validation. Fuck finding self worth in the eyes of others. And most sincerely, fuck every single person who tried to invalidate my identity because I present myself feminine. I present myself feminine for the social satisfaction; I’m a high school student and this shit is already hard without the outside criticism. I’ve been trans for 3+ years now, living in a household where my identity is something only I know. I wasn’t allowed to cut my hair, wear anything more masculine than neutral. I felt like barbed wire and garbage in a body, I think is the best way to describe it. Because it hurts and it fucking sucks. It took more guts than I thought I had to come out to my parents. And it’s so recent, I can’t say how things will go from here. But my parents are supportive and assured me hopefulness.
I think my biggest problem was I never saw much hope at all. I never saw someone I could look at with a glimmer of some sparkly fucking revelation that things will get better for me. But I did. I did in the people I meant. I was scared to death because the last thing I wanted was for my parents to disapprove the person I’ve been screaming for years to know. But they didn’t. And I don’t think enough people can see that, that in dark places it’s hard to find that bright sparkling eyesore revelation that things will be okay. I want people to find that. I want people to find happiness, and I want them to smile so big and shove that happiness down people’s throat like a hard pill to swallow, and I want it to be contagious as hell. I think hope passes on to people, because it’s hard to stay in a negative state of mind when you see someone in your same situation find happiness. You see yourself in the people who suffer but I want you to see yourself in the people who suffered and got the hell out of there. I want you to see yourself in the people who found happiness, because I did and now I’m here. And I have a long way to go but I’m so ready for that, and I’m so ready to turn around and say fuck you to everyone who told me otherwise.
I hesitated to post anything today because it’s far easier to sit back than take the risk of the hate I get the moment I seem happy with who I am. People hate that. But I’m happy with who I am, whether I look “too feminine” or not. Fuck that.
He/him || transgender || 16 ✌️


i got really excited early and i love seeing all of these really cool trans people on my dash so i just took really quick selfies at lunch and posted them but now i’m home and i wanted to take more?? today is just such a good day and i love being trans and i love everything.

hey! my names jackal! i’ve been out as trans for abt two years now and yeah, soooo many people think I’m going through a phase, or I’m trans because boys don’t like me and i want to get their attention, or i’m doing it because one of my siblings is also trans. It really sucks??? Having to try to constantly validate yourself to people that won’t matter to me in a couple of years, and idk i just wanted to say that even if everyone doubts you there’s a huge community of trans people that are there for you and I think about that often when I’m upset about my gender and how some people in my family perceive me and i’m just really glad I have the privilege of knowing all of these amazing trans people, and man i just luv you all. I hope everyones having a good transgender day of visibility!


shoutout to all fat nonbinary people - you’re gorgeous whether or not you feel comfortable showing pictures of yourself today

i wasn’t planning on doing this because selfies use too many spoons and i nearly cried a few times while taking the last two pictures, but here i am anyway

gina, agender, they/their/them or ae/aer/aem pronouns