Pic of the Day for September 30th!  For some reason Miiverse has only updated in Japanese for today, so here’s a loose translation:

"Pic of the Day.  Your team color is shown in the border around your character!  We made the lines stay roughly the same size even if the camera is zoomed out so you can see it easily.  Here’s how it looks in the Wii U version!"


Height: 5’6

Before: 70kg

During: 62kg

GW: 55kg

Hello all!

Before pic was around 2-3 years ago but i didn’t really start loosing weight until this year. I first went on a diet when i was 13 (how awful is that?!) and realised i was heavier than my friends. I had no clue what i was doing and the thrill of loosing weight made me eat less and less until i remember thinking a good day was eating 300 cals. I was grumpy all the time and hated my life ( i also refused to exercise, thinking i didn’t want to be muscly) 

As soon as i stopped eating like this i put all the weight back on and more! Flash forward to the start of this year, i was fed up, hated myself, and knew i needed to change. I fell in love with running and then incorporated weights. I work out 5 times a week, 2 days i do a long cardio and weights sesh at the gym, 2 days i go running or do 30 mins of hiit and 1 day i have a body attack class (its brutal) at school (yes its possible to loose weight at school, i even go to a boarding school!!). I net 1400 kcals a day and ALWAYS eat back my exercise calories.

Ive gained weight recently and was disheartened, but i realise I’ve just put on muscle, ladies don’t be afraid to weight lift it does wonders for bums and tums ;) If you think you’re going to binge, remind yourselves of how great being healthy makes you feel, and remember that you control your body, your animal impulses don’t control you, you do! Just say no and have some green tea! If you slip up, don’t worry, you’re only human, just keep pushing forwards and never give up.


"Allah will intervene into our emotional states. He can give you tranquillity again; whether it’s anxiety, fear, grief, anger - whatever emotion, whatever thing that’s happened that has left you scared, Allah can remove that scar entirely.” - Nouman Ali Khan

I’m going to need everyone, but particularly women claiming the label of feminist, to knock it the fuck off with their pious handwringing about whether or not body positivity is encouraging too many women to feel good about themselves. I couldn’t think of anything that’s less your business than someone else’s health and body.

There are so few measures of health visible to the naked eye, especially to people not trained as medical professionals, that your healthy/unhealthy bullshit absolutely reeks of the same old “it’s okay to love yourself if you’re chubby with tits and a big ass and thighs, as long as you’ve got a tiny waist and an hour glass figure, but knock it the fuck off if you’ve got a belly or fat arms and legs” which is just the same old patriarchal body policing in nicer packaging. Are we only allowed to feel good about our bodies if they can be sexualized? At what BMI or body fat percentage or cholesterol level are we allowed to love ourselves, and at what line, oh wise one, should we be pushed back into the arms of the exploitative, unproven, and dangerous diet industry? Tell me when I should love myself and when I should be sucking down diet pills and starving myself and getting parts of my stomach amputated so as not to cause you any distress.

I can’t think of anything less counter-productive to making people healthy than discouraging them from loving themselves and their bodies. You want people to be healthy? Encourage them to love themselves and care for themselves no matter what they look like — unless of course you don’t give a shit about health, and what you’re really after is attractiveness and conformity. “Unhealthy” people aren’t required to martyr themselves for your comfort. People aren’t required to conform to your arbitrary fucking standards before they’re allowed to stop hating themselves. Mind your fucking business, stop policing other people, stay in your fucking lane.

Maggie-Crossing's ACNL Catalog Service!


I have set up a list of all my current orderable furniture for ACNL, and would like to extend my service to you guys of ordering/cataloging items for you. I am far from a complete list, but will update every week so you can keep checking back in to see if I have anything you need!


I will only charge as much as the item itself costs, plus 100 bells per item (so I can make a little profit!). So if you order 4 items totaling 10,000 bells, it’ll be 10,400 for the whole order.

Some rules to ordering:

  1. Send me an ask with your FC, stating that you would like to place an order.
  2. ONCE I REPLY TO THAT ASK, then you can send the list of the order you’d like to place
  3. We will then schedule a time that works for both of us for you to recieve the items
  4. If you have multiple asks worth of orders, please indicate this to me somehow.
  5. If you need to cancel your order for any reason, please let me know as soon as possible. 
  6. IF YOU HAVE AN ORDER OF MORE THAN 200K, I WILL REQUIRE PAYMENT BEFORE ORDERING. This is to ensure that I don’t waste my time, energy, and bells on a canceled order.
  7. If you cancel five orders, I will blacklist you unless you have valid reasons (to be determined).
  8. The items will be delivered to your town. No exceptions.

Please spread this around so that everyone can have a chance at getting items for their catalog! I’m sure there are people just like me who need more items to earn their badge.

Happy playing! Feel free to send me an ask anytime!