the pirates of the caribbean movies are amazing and this is one of things i wont even argue about like ‘ok ok but you have to admit the fourth one wasn’t that-’ like no you are wrong that scene with the killer mermaids and the exploding ye olde lighthouse was raw as fuck ‘uh fine whatever but the third one was just so-’ UM no kiera knightly was the fucking princess of the high seas and are you completely ignoring the scene where she catches those two swords out of mid air in the evil Singapore villain sauna lair? check mate

I’ll never understand why any of you would follow a trash monster like me but thank you! Through your follow and supports, I’ve grown as a roleplayer and a better person. Granted I am prone to being difficult person, you still stick by me. Thank you.

These are my friends. They specific set of skills that makes them awesome.
A set of skills they have perfected over the years. Skills that make you wonder
how did I miss out on their greatness. If you follow them, go 
befriend and follow these people. If not, you are missing out!

家族- - - - - - - - - - - ★

trionfale ( desenchantee / anthropo1ogica1 / xnfected )

Since I first joined tumblr, you were one of the most supportive person on tumblr to me. Originally when I followed Judit, I was scared that you wouldn’t like me. To my surprise, you accepted me as your pancake, your daughter, even thought I am trash. Thank you so much for following me and wanting to RP with me. I am so grateful. WE NEED TO TALK MORE. 

rosaceaes ( lxsica )

ASHLET. ASHLET. We are always talking with each other … like always. Conversations and roleplays with you are always feel-giving or painful. WHY. WHY IS THIS? Anyways, you are one of my main roleplayer partners, I am not sure if there’s anything I don’t know about you. Thank you for always having my back and being supportive.

jor-mun-gandr ( celenegrucavaler )

Azia and I don’t talk as much as we used to; however, she is my dove of my life. She always seems to message me or we message each other at bad times. But she is always jumps for an opener with me. You don’t even understand how much I love this goober especially when two of my characters are deeply connected.


This is Chirps, and she’s my little sister. You know you are a mother from another lover. We always have in-depth conversations and quite a few times. We have played games and talk on skype with a huge amount of people. She is the bird and she is awesome. She came from my pancake goodness.


Wolf, so this will be short. You make me laugh and smile.  That is enough said. Our friendship is based on theories, opinions, facts, and crackery. Together we are a force to be reckon with or when we want to annoy Chirps

wolfskinnedxdoe ( nissarion )

/YELLS/ SABBY IS GREAT. SABBY IS FANTASTIC.  THIS GIRL IS MY LIFE. MY DERP. SHE GIVES ME FEELS WITH SHIPS. I want to cry half the time because she always know what is going to happen. She is always helping me improve on my grammar and improving my characters. I am still trying to figure out how someone as 50’s housewife as Kanade became friends with someone wild as Dani.


Like Rosemary and Kanade, I consider Shiya one of my friends. She is a sweetie and always ( if not always sometimes ) answer my openers. Our relationship and plotting is spontaneous and we tend to go with the flow but that is what I love best about Shiya. She always put a smile on my face.


My Diva bias will forever be Gen. Gen and me are always talking about how we can better Kanade and Diva’s relationship (even if she is dead but that is what AUs are for). Gen is the hardest working female ever and even when she doesn’t have time, she makes time for role-playing and talking to people!


Selena is another type inspiration for me. We don’t talk as much as we use to but in the short time, we do. It means a lot to me. You are the quality friend in my life that I am overly protective about and will kick someone in the teeth if they upset you. I am flattered though we can talk about anything without stress or skepticism.


Sanna has been with me since the Magi Fandom since I RP as Hakuei. She is funny, sweet and quite protective of me. I can go to her for the universal motherly advice. She was the whole reason why I started this belong. Quality Saya right here.  Also she hurts me a lot with feels.


AMMY TALK TO ME MORE.  The fact that Ammy is the biggest sweetie in the world.  She is my Brazilian mother ( also teach me Portuguese so I can speak to my roommate! ). Her writing is impressive and inspiration to me. I love the fact that we can go back and forth and break each other feels. It’s a very lovely and feel giving and taking relationship.


Eva is my homo-dachi. Enough said. When we do roleplay and talk, it’s usually to make a plot strong. This is my bae and she always gives me feels with this muse. 




HANNAH BANANA. FANANA. MONTANA. LOVE YOU. This is Hannah and she is funny, and we watched the batdance together which was fantastic. Plus I am happy she comes to me with questions because that means our relationships is getting stronger. Plus Mia is fantastic, like fucking fantastic, like I am punch you in the fucking face fantastic. 


This is Jacquie. I love her, you are great. I melt everytime you talk to me because I remember the first time where you praise me. EVEN THOUGHT I AM TRASH, YOU THINK I AM GREAT. WELL YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE JUST SUPERIOR TO ME IN EVERY WAY.I admire you and your characters. I hope we can RP more.

nepheliium ( kiivuli )

I like you. you like me. We are one big family, ‘coon.


ANDII. We used to RP together at a RP chat-based website. We go way back to the days of brides and demons. She isthe queen of getting me to smile / supportive. I have to protect this baby with my life!


MIRI can I stuff you in  my shirt forever. I think I have a lot of threads with you. I have to say I love everything one, I love our character’s relationship and i love our relationship. We are super friendly with each other and come to mutual understands. You are great!

賞賛- - - - - - - - - - - ★

People who I admire and wish to RP with / wish I talked more. These also include people who I either follow and have rp’d with in the past, people I follow who don’t follow me back but I admire them anyways, and the rest! Please follow them all. 

abnedea, abrideoffire, acerbxs, baisercadavres, bleedinngs, bloumiddel
brideofsparda, caedxs, coeur-angelique, corvussiindaijitsu, defectorisms, diiscordare, duvoziiredhelernil, electrovus, erstreben, exequialis, eyesofwater fiirefly, fleurs-de-requin, foolishmermaid, forhippolyta, frostquexn, gatexway, glassmemoir, goldenimpeesa, gravesradium, hisfledgling, kaschieren, knavex, kxkatsuna, legendasalvatoris, lingeringhiraeth, lost-lyubit, lumske, lupus-inter-oves, mercenaiire, mxttephobia, naivnenikkousan, okamizere, okumerry, originalheir, oxtcxst, redqueenschevalier, rietis, rosuintensxmoarte, rxves, ryuuazure, shuxjing, sinofpleasures, springhealer, styxgian, surendei, svikinnarsvikulir, tendheart, tengumerula, termiske-klor, thankyouforthesmile, tinkeriisms, vanillacry, virtualvenus, vonkampfer, yumerou, zielesmart

If you haven’t made this list yet! Never fear, this list keeps getting bigger and bigger everytime I reach a certian number of follows. You don’t need to be on this list to know that I love you. I love all my followers ( my friends [ yes, I consider you a friend ] ) equally! Thanks for all the follows. Let’s try to make the best of this! Everyone here is a star within the galaxy! 

when i was in middle school back in the avatar fandom when everyone had the tiny little middle scholar hots for zuko, i was in this neopets guild where me and a bunch of other chicks would like, write these huge scripts elaborating how we’d steal zuko from each other for ourselves, and like, i didnt know i was aroace back then, but i pretended to have a crush on zuko so i could join in on the scripts and the fun, and….. yeah. that was a thing i did

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bc nothing is better than watching christmas movies with a warm blanket and a warm fire and a fluffy fanfic

favs will have 1 heart ❤

J2 Recs


A Little Crazy Never Killed Nobody - NON AU - Complete - 1k

❤ A Season For Misunderstandings - NON AU - Complete - 11k

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After Christmas - very short + complete 

An Extremely Circuitous Courtship - NON AU - Complete - ?

An Integral Equation to Calculate How Much My Heart Expands Around You - AU - Complete - 4k

❤ And I Ponder Where My Stapler’s Gone - AU - Complete - 5k

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Buy One, Get One Free - NON AU - Complete - 2k

Can’t Blame It On The Mistletoe - NON AU - Complete - 1k

Christmas Cookie Confessions - NON AU - Complete - 1k

Christmas Magic - AU - Complete - 8k

Christmas Magic or Always Read the Fine Print - AU - Complete - 5k

Christmas Pink - NON AU - Complete - 1k

Christmas Tree - AU - Complete - 22k

Christmas Tree Verse - AU - Not Complete - 55k

Desperately Seeking Santa - AU - Complete - 3k

Disaster (This is a Good One) - AU - Complete - 50k

Don We Now Our Gay Apparel - NON AU - Complete - 1k

Don We Now Our Gay Apparel - AU - Complete - 2k

Drawing Constellations - AU - Complete - 16k

Eggnog and Guitar Hero Make for a Merry Christmas - NON AU - Complete - 5k

Every Christmas With You - AU - Complete - 9k

❤ Facts Don’t Constitute Arrogance - NON AU - Complete - 11k 

Five Ways Jensen Met Jared at the Mall During the Holiday Season - AU - Complete - 7k

❤ Good Will Towards Men - AU - Complete - 8k

❤ Got That Kind of Medicine - NON AU - Complete - 12k

Holiday Boys Verse - AU - Not Complete - 2k

Honey, I’m On Fire - AU - Complete - 1k

How The Jensen Stole Christmas - NON AU - Complete - 4k


I Saw Jared Kissing… - NON AU - Complete - 1k

I’ll Be Home For Christmas - AU - Complete - 3k

It’s Just Bubbles - AU - Complete - 15k

No Sad Faces on Christmas - AU - Complete - 7k

Out of Sight - AU - Complete - 5k


Raise My Glass Half Full - AU - Complete - 1k

Reindeer Game Theory - AU - Complete - 3k

Santa Jared (Hurry Down the Chimney Tonight) - AU - Complete - 16k

So Kiss Me - NON AU - Complete - 2k

Subordinate Clauses - AU - Complete - 5k

Two Sizes Too Small - AU - Complete - 1k

Under the Mistletoe - NON AU - Complete - 5k

Under the Mistletoe - NON AU - Complete - 1k


❤ With Paper and String - NON AU - Complete - 7k

Your Eyes Outshine The Town - AU - Complete - 1k



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