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Random Post About Me

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Food: Pizza, Chocolate, Mango, Crabs, Punpkin seeds, Broccoli, I LOVE FOOODDDD

Drink: Water, Different teas, Root beer, Chocolate milk, things that can get me drunk that also have a good taste or not idrc XD

Book: The True Adventures of Charlotte Doyle by Avi has always stuck with me

TV Shows: Lost Girl, anything supernatural has my attention. Bonus points for shows w/ poc & queer characters that aren’t props :)

School Subject: At the moment it is Renewable Resources

Actor: Johnny Depp

Actress: Angela Bassett


Siblings: 2 older sisters & 1 older brother

Dream Job: Singer

Fears: I won’t amount to anything and I won’t do anything helpful/relevant with my time on this Earth

Religion: Ehhh….Do the right thing in whatever situation you are in

Piercings: Earlobes but I want about at least 6 more piercings on each ear, both sides of my nose done, septum, snake bites, tongue, and belly button

Languages: English and trying to be a Spanish speaker dammit one day


Reason behind my url: (Maria)nne & Tsukiko kinda held on from my myspace days lol I took some quiz & I was “given” that. I just kept it along for the social network ride

First url: The one i have now. 

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