Transformers Universe is a 3rd person MOBA that pits Autobots against Decepticons in heated battles of metallic carnage.

The game looks wonderful, with the 3rd person perspective and the ability to transform adding new dimensions to the normal MOBA formula.  There are also plenty of customisation options available, allowing you to modify your mighty metallic warrior to match your play style.  It may be another MOBA in a market that’s reaching saturation point, but Transformers Universe has a surprising amount of fresh ideas.  These robots in disguise are more than meets the eye.

The Open Beta starts today (July 4th) and this weekend they’re going to be celebrating with a double XP weekend, a 24-hour live Twitch stream (11am EDT July 5 - 11am EDT July 6) and $75,000 in prizes to be won.

Join in the Open Beta

I’m sorry but why the hell is the word “autism” used as an insult and a funny joke.

Autism is misunderstood, it’s not bad, it’s different. If the fact that some people are different isn’t a beautiful thing about life, than I don’t know what is.

It’s considered bad however only because it’s different.

That’s sad.

I just don’t understand how people can throw words around like “retarded” and “autistic” as insults and not feel any guilt or remorse for the groups of people they put down.

Shout out to all people who have struggled with being different or having a disability: You’re wonderful, don’t let closed-minded people let you down. You have a beautiful soul so smile, live your life and let it shine