Girls with dreams became women with vision. @alexipappas, Olympic hopeful & all around stunner. Talking motivation & bonding. She bad. PS. #tcsnycmarathon bleachers are up. PPS. Alexi is coming out with a movie & you should watch it. @tracktownmovie #wwtrailblazer

Preference #6: You're Famous


You’re a singer





Jack J:

Olympic football (soccer) player

Jack G:

You have a famous Tumblr 


smut Writer


Famous blog 


Fashion Designer


Olympic Volleyball Player






Famous IG




You’re in a band.

What Would Brian Boitano Do
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D.V.D.A. - What Would Brian Boitano Do?

Brian! Skate! Brian! Fight!

When Brian Boitano was in the Olympics skating for the gold, he did two solchows and a triple lutz while wearing a blindfold.

When Brian Boitano was in the Alps fighting grizzly bears, he used his magical fire-breath and saved the maidens fair.

Brian! S-s-skate! Brian! Live!

13 Ways the IOC Is Making Hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics More Enticing

With Oslo now the fourth city to drop out of the running, the IOC is trying to sweeten the pot on “The Olympics Nobody Wanted.”

  • Add new crowd-pleasing event, “Real Cold Gymnastics.”
  • Athletes having insane sex in the Olympic Village will be made an Olympic sport and televised.
  • Gold medals will actually be made of gold this time instead of radioactive beryllium like previous three Winter Olympics.
  • Save money on fabric by making ice costumes even skimpier.
  • 5,000 slaves currently being used to build Qatar’s World Cup facilities will be donated to building the facilities in your country.
  • All athletes must provide their own ice.
  • Add new event where you just see whether Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt can make it across a frozen pond faster wearing only a pair of wool socks.



“It’s not fair!” Cody said. He thumped his fist on the Director’s desk. It trembled with the impact.

The Director, her arms crossed, raised a finely shaped eyebrow, but said nothing.

Coach put her hand on Cody’s shoulder. It seemed tiny there, like a child’s. “Cody, this isn’t helping,” she said.

Cody leant towards the Director, his chair emitting a plaintive creak. “I’m sorry,” he said. “But it still isn’t fair. Where am I supposed to compete, if I can’t compete here?”

“This was all in the mail we sent you,” the Director said. “The rules of the competition are quite clear. You’re not a genetically enhanced athlete.”

“My dad was enhanced, though!”

The Director put out a hand to stop him. She had very red nails. “Cody, we know this. Your father was genetically modified for intelligence and empathy, yes, but not for athletic performance,” she said. “I have access to all the relevant files.”


“Your mother, meanwhile, was pure Adam and Eve.”

Cody glared between the Director and Coach, wide-eyed. “But I’m good! I’ve cleared two-twenty in the clean-and-jerk!”

“Why don’t you apply for the ordinary Olympics then?” the Director said.

“Honestly, Director, you know they won’t permit Cody to compete,” said Coach, shaking her head. “For the same reason you won’t.”

The Director exhaled slowly. “I’m sorry,” she said. “The rules are firm. Only enhanced athletes allowed in the GenGames.”

Cody sat with his head bowed. It took Coach a minute to realize he was crying.

anonymous said:

I still feel sorry for Olympic level horses. Living their life in a stall is not how horses were made to be. It's not fair - that's treating the animal like an object, they don't care if they win.. they just want a happy life

They don’t live their lives in their stalls though…..???????????

They get out for hours and hours and hours on end, hand grazing and walking around the property and generally meandering. We don’t treat them like objects, we treat them like valuable, fragile things. And the key word there really is fragile because horses are fragile and in order to keep a horse sound enough to pass an FEI jog, we must ensure that they do not do siginificant, permanent damnage to themselves. 

And that’s where the difference lies between the horses that the tumblrequestrians own that get turned out 24/7 blah blah blah and the Olympic level horses is that your horses wouldn’t pass an FEI jog with their buggered hocks, their splinted front legs, and their generally sketchy movement. Now, it’s totally fine for what you guys are doing with them and they’re functional, but perhaps in reality, they are in pain and have just become so accustomed to moving with it that they don’t react. Perhaps they move poorly and there are things you can do to fix it. That’s part of good management of a top level athlete. Doing the best you can to preserve and protect their bodies. That’s all we’re doing. 

Ms. Dutee Chand,  

We are Inter/Act, an international advocacy group composed of teens and young adults born intersex (with atypical variations of internal or external sex anatomy). Inter/Act believes we all have the right to live our life authentically and freely. We’ve experienced similar pressures by the medical community to change our hormones and our bodies to fit someone else’s desires.

We are moved by the honorable courage, ambition, and determination you personified throughout this appeal process. As you defy the International Association of Athletic Federation’s unfair policing of females with hyperandrogenism, please know we support your independence from mandated, life-altering surgeries and hormone suppressing treatments. Why are cultivated, trained abilities—such as endurance, stamina, motivation, competitiveness, and discipline—called into question and oversimplified as the consequence of high levels of testosterone? We are deeply concerned with the policies of the IAAF; as well as the irreversible procedures required for competition eligibility provided by the Athletics Federation of India.

We understand the delicate nature of the situation. The IAAF, as a governing body, must provide key principles recognizing differences between male and female sports performance, albeit based upon arbitrary levels of testosterone. Their intention to construct a fair and even playing field for competitors is admirable and, at times, necessary. However, for the large number of competitors possessing a perfectly healthy blend of male and female anatomical characteristics, the field is not even, not in the slightest.

We strongly disagree with any measures that impose prejudicial treatment of bodies with distinct, endocrine imbalances, atypical chromosomal makeup, or non-normative genitals. Imagine a scenario where a person—regardless of gender— overproduces human growth hormone and reaches seven feet tall by age eighteen, weighing a quarter ton. They possess raw talent and passionately devote themselves to the ultra competitive sport of wrestling. So, when this person annihilates the competition, bestowing pride and medals to their country, is size considered an unfair advantage? The likely answer is no, unless of course the wrestler is female and consequently subjected to androgen screenings. Our example clearly illustrates discriminatory policing of of anatomical sex variations, such as hyperandrogenism, in female athletes.

We stand in solidarity with you, Dutee. You are a healthy, brave, fierce young woman. You’re a fighter, a formidable opponent on and off the track. Your humble beginnings reveal a tale of dedication, focus, and hard work. It’s impossible to fully comprehend the hundreds of hours you’ve invested following your athletic aspirations to the very top, all while financially supporting your family. So, for this reason, we find it undeniably deplorable to strip a female runner’s well-deserved opportunity to compete and cross the finish line.  

In Solidarity,

Inter/Act Youth

Sign the #LetDuteeRun Petetition at and follow the campaign on fb & twitter

*Like the work Inter/Act is doing? Pitch in a few bucks to our fundraiser supporting intersex youth voices in the media!*

Inter/Act is a project of Advocates for Informed Choice, a non-profit legal organization fighting to preserve the rights of children and teens born with intersex traits.


On this day in music history: October 22, 1969 - “Led Zeppelin II”, the second album by Led Zeppelin is released. Produced by Jimmy Page, it is recorded at Olympic Studios, Morgan Studios in London, A&M Studios, Quantum Studios, Sunset Sound, Mirror Sound, Mystic Studios in Los Angeles, CA, A&R Studios, Juggy Sound, Groove Studios, Mayfair Studios in New York City, “The Hut” in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and Ardent Studios in Memphis, TN from January - August 1969. Quickly following the success of their self-titled debut, the album is written on the road and recorded in numerous studios in the US and UK on days off between tour dates. “Led Zeppelin II” will quickly surpass their debut in sales, cementing the bands’ musical reputation as well as establishing a template in which countless hard rock and heavy metal bands will adapt and follow. It will spin off several classics that become rock radio staples including “Heartbreaker”, Ramble On”, and “Whole Lotta Love” (#4 Pop), the latter of which is issued as a single. The initial US pressing of the LP mastered by Bob Ludwig will be problematic for some as loud and dynamic passages on the record will cause it to skip on cheaper turntables of the day, initiating sizeable returns. Atlantic will be forced to remaster the album (this time by George Marino), with the bass and high end significantly rolled off. These original “loud cut” pressings of “II” will become sought after by collectors over the years. The album will be remastered and reissued in June of 2014 on CD and vinyl, with a boxed “Super Deluxe” box set featuring the both the CD and vinyl versions, along with alternate mixes and outtakes, a lithograph of the cover artwork and a hardbound book with rare and previously unpublished photos. “Led Zeppelin II” will spend seven weeks at number one (non-consecutive) on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified 12x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.