HERE YOU GO BABIES!! : Arrow Season 2 Bloopers

…we want that feeling that you’re feeling, whatever you’re feeling is right. That’s one of the greatest things about reading or watching a show or a movie. Your feelings are right no matter what, and it gives you that privilege.

Emily Bett Rickards (X)

In which Emily Bett reminds the viewers that you get to love, hate, be indifferent to, etc ANYTHING YOU WANT! How long have I been saying this? Love this woman!

People seem to forget that. Your feelings are your own. Never allow anyone else to dictate them for you.


Okay guys! Here is a little over the first minute of the bloopers to tide you guys over until someone with more computer skills uploads the whole thing. Footage belongs to CW! Enjoy! x 

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For the last time...FELICITY LOVES OLIVER

Anonymous said: IMO, I don’t think Felicity is in love with Oliver at all. I think she obviously feels an attraction to him but they haven’t clarified her feelings towards him as they have with Oliver’s feelings towards her. Which makes sense with the direction they’re going in with season 3. She also feels an attraction to Barry. She is, most likely, going to feel an attraction towards Ray. Oliver isn’t any different in that list.

You’re not serious are you? You are. You are actually serious. 


Look, I am all for differing opinions and you are certainly entitled to yours but I gotta say…


Okay. I’ve tried to be patient about this. Really. Truly. But enough is enough. I am at my breaking point with the fandom questioning whether Felicity really loves Oliver or not.

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We cannot doubt the depth of her feelings because Felicity will have other love interests in S3. Those love interests exist not because Felicity doesn’t love Oliver. They exist because Felicity believes she can’t HAVE Oliver. She’s simply trying to move with her life, with a severely broken heart, as best she can. And Oliver is trying to let her go. The question is…will Felicity be able to move on? Should she? That’s the journey. That’s the struggle. This season isn’t about Felicity deciding if she loves Oliver. Felicity knows she loves Oliver. It’s about Felicity deciding IF LOVE IS ENOUGH.

Jen  jbuffyangel - Interesting insights on Olicity - Season 3


anonymous said:

prompt: oliver is away patrolling, coms are on, and a huge spider lands on felicity's hand while she's in the lair making her scream and oliver panic

[last one on the list!!!  Wooooo!

Also, none of you understands how much I relate to this prompt because ARACHNAPHOBIA OKAY????]


“Oliver, it’s been dead for an hour,” Felicity’s voiced sighed in his ear.  “Turn it in.  Come home and actually get a decent night’s sleep for once.”

He sighed.  “Yeah, all right,” he replied, turning his bike around and heading back to the foundry.  “Is there any food left?”

“I saved a Dragon Roll just for yoUUU OH MY GOD GET AWAY!”

“Felicity?” Oliver asked frantically.  “Felicity what happened?”

All he could hear in response was the sound of Felicity shrieking.

“FELICITY!” he roared, rushing in the direction of the foundry at top speed.

“Oh my God Oh my God Oh my God,” she chanted, obvious terror in her voice.

“Felicity, what’s going on?  Did someone break in?”

“I…no…I’m sorry, there’s no one here but can you please hurry?” she said, voice starting to regain some calm, but obviously still distraught.

“What’s going on Felicity?”

“There’s…I just need you to kill it for me.”

“What?  What’s in there?” his heart was pounding.

“A spider.”

He couldn’t help it.  He came to a screeching halt, needing to make sure he’d heard that correctly.  “…Felicity?” he deadpanned.

“It’s really huge, okay?  And it made a deliberate attempt on my life.”

He didn’t know how to respond to that.

“It was in my hair, Oliver!” she whined.  “MY HAIR, OKAY?  Would you please just get your leather-clad ass over here and kill it for me?”

He couldn’t help it.  He smirked.  “You can’t kill it yourself?”

“Oliver,” she whined.  “It’s on my keyboard now.  And it’s seriously massive.  Oh, I hate this new lair.”

“Define ‘massive,’” he said, kicking his bike back into gear and heading her way at a less neck-breaking speed.  “Is it bigger than a quarter?”

“YES, Dammit!  Stop making fun of me.  I just about had a heart attack.”

She had a heart attack?  What about him?

“I’m in my hour of need, Oliver, damn you.”

“I’m coming; I’m coming,” he sighed.

“Oliver, if you don’t get here soon I will use fire to kill it.”