retsu-ohno-mori asked:

Talk NoiSei to me.

Oh dear, I say this a lot but NoizSei is my weakness ❤️❤️

•Noiz and Sei discovering the world together (/-\)

•If there’s one thing Noiz loves more than anything is to spend time in Sei’s arms, he’s warm, he’s soft and his breathing calms him down like nothing else

•Noiz randomly pulls Sei close for make-out sessions

•Sei asleep in Noiz’s arms as he’s working

•Sei and Noiz cooking together

•Sei and Usagimodoki get along really well, they spend hours talking while Noiz is at work

•Sei and Noiz will look up cool stuff (like recipes and house decorations) to do together, most of the time it’ll make a mess in the house, but they have fun nonetheless

•Sei meeting Theo uwu

•Sei and Noiz visiting Aoba and his partner for New Years and they couldn’t be happier

•Sei wearing Noiz’s old clothes to sleep

•NoizSei taking cute pictures together (/-\)

•NoizSei making weird faces on the mirror

•Noiz teaching Sei some German but Sei can’t pronounce some of the words so Noiz teaches him some -tongue exercise- needless to say they never get much done (/-\)

•Noiz teaching Sei about German culture and having him try the best German cuisine (and sometimes getting him a little tipsy)

Thanks for the ask ^-^