“A month ago we announced a contest with Movistar where we gave you the opportunity to travel to Atlanta, Georgia, where he is filming the second season of halt and catch fire.

The prize consisted of a trip for two people for a period of 4 days / 3 nights, with airfare and hotel, plus the chance to meet the film set for a day of production of the series created by Christopher Cantwell and Christopher C. Rogers , in addition to meet the cast of the same.

The lucky winner was Francisco Javier Merino Sanchez-Hidalgo, whom we see in the photo with his companion, and with Lee Pace, the actor who plays Joe MacMillan. CONGRATULATIONS! We hope you enjoyed

The premiere of the second season of halt and catch fire will be on June 1, 24 hours after its release in the US, if you want more information follow us on Facebook and Twitter and in our special series !”


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Let’s speak about your fans for a moment – you’ve got a lot of them! How do you deal with the craze that comes with your name?

I suppose I don’t really deal with it. I feel like I’m able to go about my life normally except for the odd occasion when someone recognises you. It’s obviously strange when it happens but the other side of it is that’s nobody’s coming up and throwing an egg in your face, people are always very nice! It’s part and parcel with what being in the public eye is. When I just did theatre I’d go there, do my job and go home but as soon as I did some TV work the next theatre job was completely different! A little part of me was gutted that suddenly it wasn’t just about being on stage and performing, I was a part of celebrity culture that I wasn’t used to. It’s strange, I don’t know if anyone ever becomes used to it.

— Colin Morgan, about celebrity in Hunger Magazine (x)

@soraruru あこそら3大阪公演!終わりました!楽しかったよーみなさんありがとうございました!また次のあこそらで会いましょう!作ってもらった衣装!かわいい( ^ω^)

Soraru : Acosora 3 in Osaka! It has finished! It was fun-Thank you everyone!Let’s meet again in acosora next time! The costume that was made for me! Cute  ( ^ω^)